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Fire Chief: That fire happened in 2004, right?
Fireman: December 2004 to be exact.
Fire Chief: Well, there you go.
Fireman: What do you mean, Chief? What happened December 2004?.
Fire Chief: Charcoal Christmas.

Madeline: Levi, you promised.
Levi: Promises... I'm sorry. I miss her.
Madeline: She was my best friend too, but I'm not a drug addict!
Levi: We were more than friends. I never told you. I never told anyone. We were together.
Madeline: You and Rosemary? But you swore to me you were never with her.
Levi: It was our secret.
Madeline: You lied to me! If this gets out, people will think we killed her all over again. It'll destroy us.
Levi: It'll destroy you. I'm already gone.