29 TV Characters Who Look Good in Orange

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If there's anyone who can make an orange jumpsuit look good, it's TV characters.

At some point in a series, the main character does something that lands them behind bars. 

Usually, it's split right down the middle with characters who are guilty and characters who have been framed but are, in fact, innocent. 

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The crimes that land our favorites in jail range from petty crimes to crimes that deserve a harsh punishment like theft, battery or even murder.

Here's a list of TV characters who have served time and look way too good in orange. 

It's important to note that not all prisoners wear orange jumpsuits, but those brown jumpsuits don't make as much of a statement. 

1. The Ladies of Litchfield - OITNB

The Ladies of Litchfield - OITNB
The ladies of OITNB made the orange jumpsuit a whole 'lewk' when it debuted in 2013! Piper was thirty and thriving in New York City until her past caught up to her and she was forced to serve 15 months at Litchfield Penitentiary where she was reunited with her ex-girlfriend, Alex.

2. Rose aka Sin Rostro - Jane the Virgin

Rose aka Sin Rostro - Jane the Virgin
Rose undoubtedly deserves to be in prison for all the pain she's caused the Villanueva women, Rafael, Michael, and even her ex-lover, Luisa. But being locked up hasn't stopped the mastermind from running her illegal plastic surgery operation to alter criminals' faces.

3. The Liars - Pretty Little Liars

The Liars - Pretty Little Liars
The liars have done their fair share of questionable things, including murder, but it was all at the behest of A. They never deserved to be incarcerated for protecting themselves, but when they were, at least they were all together.

4. Jake and Rosa - Brooklyn 99

Jake and Rosa - Brooklyn 99
Detectives Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz were wrongly put behind bars for a crime they didn't commit after attempting to infiltrate a dirty squad led by Lt. Melanie Hawkins. As they assimilated to their new normal, their team looked for ways to bust them out.

5. Archie Andrews - Riverdale

Archie Andrews - Riverdale
Archie has endured a lot of trauma at the hands of Hiram Lodge, but his stint in prison took the biggest toll on him. He was framed for the murder of Cassidy Bullock, marked by the Warden as the Red Palladin, and forced to fight in an underground prison fight club. Thankfully, his friends broke him free just before he broke.

6. Maya Pope - Scandal

Maya Pope - Scandal
At the tender age of 16, Maya began selling government secrets and later, caused her husband to shoot down a plane of over 300 innocent people. It's no surprise she spent most of her life in prison with her own daughter believing she was dead.

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