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Maddie loses her temper with a judge when her client "disappears" and the case is dismissed. She ends up going to jail for contempt. She tells Easy she wants to take down Falcone, a corrupt cop who ruins people's lives.

A new client comes to see the firm the next day. Nick says that  his brother, a white supremacist, was falsely convicted of bombing a synagogue thanks to Falcone. Easy and Maddie don't want to take this case but Nick says there were false claims against Maddie too when she was arrested for murder, his brother is not a white supremacist.

Violet is not happy about this. Easy says he and Maddie will meet with the guy and check this out.

Easy and Maddie meet with the client, who says he gave up white supremacy a long time ago. He says after being locked up he realizes he was wrong. He was young and stupid and got convinced that his anger was caused by minority groups. Easy says he wants to sit first chair. The client is thrilled with this idea.

Easy says the warden tells him Ronnie is legit -- maybe he has changed.

Violet is mad that Easy had more trouble with an abortion case than with this. She thinks Ronnie is conning them. Easy says the fight for the innocent no matter who they are. Violet doesn't think this man deserves their time. Easy tells her not to be a hothead. She is offended by this.

Easy tells Ronnie they are tracking down Falcone's witnesses. Ronnie says he wants to get his white supremacy tats removed when he gets out.  He says that he was at a KKK rally far away from the synogague at the time but all the witnesses are full of hate -- maybe his girlfriend at the time will vouch for him, but maybe not.

Levi interrupts to say that he thinks Toby killed Rosemary. Maybe Toby was her dealer and hooked up with her, then killed her. Levi says the guy is in Evanston now. Maddie says she can't go, she's busy. Levi says he's gonna go himself.

Levi bothers Toby, who hopes the trial is water under the bridge. He tells Levi he is divorced and no kids. He sells insurance now. He says the murder was a long time ago and seems freaked out. He tells Levi to stay away from him.

There is a debate for Attorney General. The moderator asks Bellows about police misconduct. He says transparency is important, and that relationships can't survive without trust. Miller says that there is lots of police misconduct but Bellows didn't prosecute. Bellows tries to interrupt. After the debate his wife says he was unprepared. Susan says that Bellows sucked. 

Bodie tracks down some guy who runs away when he hears Ronnie's name.

Maddie finds a bullet on her dashboard. Some guy tells Falcone "message sent."

The reporter guy's boss wants a real story on Maddie.

Violet tries to leave. Maddie confronts her. She says that Violet needs to drop the attitude because they need to win this case.

Violet goes into her studio and records a podcast about how she and other black students received nooses in their lockers and the principal said racism was a part of life.

Easy confronts Michael, who got in a fight at school over what Easy is doing with this case. He says Easy is a hypocrite who preaches Black Lives Matter but is defending a white supremacist. Easy says this is for the better greater good. Michael tells him he got suspended. Easy says he'll talk to the principal. Michael says Mom will take care of it.

Maddie is alone in her house with her dog. There is a knock at the door. It's Reporter Guy. He says they have not been honest with each other. He says he liked her since before he and Becky broke up. He thinks she's inspiring and smart and good and he loves her smile and her eyes and her hair. He's sure it's hard for her to be vulnerable after what she's gone through but he wants to try to do this for real. Maddie wants to too.

Maddie goes to see her girlfriend at jail. She needs to talk to her about the friction at work. She feels attracted to her when she sees her. She tells her the guy she's seeing is "around". She has a brief flashback of seeing her when they were both in jail. They love each other and kiss in the present.

The witness is suddenly arrested when he is about to testify. Maddie complains to the judge. The ADA claims the police were looking for him for some time. They get a two day continuance. All of a sudden Ronnie thinks Easy is playing him and starts talking to him in a racist way.

Maddie refuses to give up the case. Violet is unhappy. Easy thinks they need to find another cop who will flip on Falcone.

Toby comes in and yells at Maddie to keep Levi away from him. Maddie goes off on him.

Castro is turned on by Bodie making a stir fry.  He asks if they can go out in public and have dinner in a restaurant. She says okay but nothing fancy. They kiss. She says if they go public he has to stop trying to free the white supremacist. He asks her about Falcone. She says Falcone's partner hit on her all the time, but quit on a bogus disability claim. 

Bodie uses this info the next day. Violet thinks this is a ridiculous idea. Bodie invites her to come work out aggression with him. Violet goes and Bodie tells Maddie to make up with Violet.

David criticizes Violet at the batting range. She gets him to hit while Bodie takes photos.

Maddie and Easy confront David. They threaten to call Disability Review. Maddie says the food is better at this diner than in jail. David says hang up. He says if Falcone goes down you'll take me down with him. He wants immunity.

Easy says only Bellows can grant immunity. Maddie says there has to be another way.

Violet gives Maddie her podcast and they make up. Violet has a dirty way to play. Maddie goes to see Bellows. If he gives Maas immunity he can use Miller's inability to get rid of Falcone against him. Bellows agrees if they drop Peterson's case.

Easy won't do it. Either they are there for the innocent or they are dealmakers like Falcone.

Bellows' wife thinks he should make the deal. Bellows doesn't want to put a Nazi back on the streets. His wife says she had a miscarriage 23 years ago. She never told him because she wasn't sure she wanted to keep it anyway. It was right after Isabel's mother was murdered so she wanted to keep it to herself anyway. She was so angry because the press was so vicious -- maybe that's why she miscarried. She admits that she was jealous of Isabel because Isabel became Bellows' child. He is sorry. She says life is tough but we fight on. She tells him to make the deal -- they have to win at all costs.

Bellows has a press conference after Falcone is arrested. He says the guilty will not go free. He says he is a real leader -- not Miller.

Maddie and Easy go to jail to see Ronnie get released. They are feeling depressed. Ronnie wants to sahke hands with Easy. Easy does it. They hug. Ronnie goes. Easy says he did it for the greater good. He hopes that did Ronnie some good.

Castro is mad at Bodie for manipulating her --- did he think about how this would blow back on her? She says he ruined this.

Toby commits suicide while Maddie is having sex with reporter guy and Levi is leaving a message that Toby is definitely hiding something.

Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Easy: You want to start a war?
Maddie: We're already fighting a war. Let's win it.

Maddie: You know, I'll deny I ever said it, but a part of me -- a very small part of me -- relaxes in here.
Easy: Yeah, it's like Tahiti, only without the everything.
Maddie: The iron bars, the rules and regulations... it's familiar.