Murder of a Newborn - Proven Innocent
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A bunch of pro-life protesters are outside the courtroom and pour blood on a Muslim defendant's head.

Seven years later, Maddie and Easy are asked to take her appeal. Her husband believes there is anti-Muslim prejudice against her. Easy thinks she's guilty.

The woman explains that her baby was stillborn but she panicked when she saw all the blood. She didn't know she was five months pregnant, and couldn't tell her parents because they were religious. She says she never took the abortion pills she ordered online. Maddie says even if she did she was convicted to make an example of her to other women. Sarah thinks she deserved it. Maddie remembers being abused in jail and tells her not to give up.

Later, Maddie and Easy get into an argument because pro-life Easy thinks Sarah is guilty and Maddie feels it is a religious bias issue.

Bellows sees a journalist who thinks Maddie taking on this case will prove why they need the Rosemary Lynch law and destroy Maddie's career. The journalist flirts with him.

Maddie and her boyfriend are kissing. Maddie worries the sex will be awkward.

The guy wakes up the next morning. Maddie is sleeping on the floor. He gets up and looks at her board.

Bodie is practicing with his swords when Maddie comes in all smiles. He realizes she had sex. She claims she didn't but then admits it. Bodie can't find an expert in Indiana who will testify, which is a problem because the judge is super-conservative and won't listen to anyone else.

Maddie goes before the judge. She gets him to dismiss the feticide charge and asks for a hearing on a motion for a new trial on the murder charge.

Easy is there, but only for moral support.

Bodie thinks they are using 17th century science to convict Sarah. Maddie goes to see an expert who seems a little off kilter. They want him to get a haircut and beard trim.

Maddie goes to a bar and sees Rosemary's father, who is happy to see her. She is sorry about his marriage. He says Rosemary's death destroyed so much but she knows that, doesn't she? However, he will not re-open an investigation into Rosemary's death because hiring a PI before yielded nothing and he can't go through that again.

Bodie hooks up with his favorite undercover, who is posing as a prostitute now. She won't stay over and he's disappointed she wants to keep hiding their relationship. She only wants booty calls, if he wants more they're over. She goes.

Maddie tells weirdo expert to think of the trial as a show. He agrees to wear a suit. A stylist comes to see him. The guy says his hair is his spiritual identity. He seems very nervous about getting a hircut. He gets a full haircut and beard trim. He thinks it's wild when they give him an American flag pin.

In court he says the test is unreliable. The judge cross-examines himself and gets him to say it's possible the baby took a breath. Maddie objects the judge asked all questions for the ADA.

Easy talks to his pastor. He's conflicted because he's pro-life. The pastor asks him, does Sarah deserve this punishment even if she did take abortion pills? Easy says no.

Mr. Lynch has changed his mind. Maddie finds an Adderall bottle in Rosemary's things. Mr. Lynch says that makes no sense.
Maddie is frustrated with the judge on her case. Easy offers a suggestion. He wants to help with the case. They decide to see Sarah's parents.
Sarah's father says Sarah has made anti-Muslim hatred worse. He says they stopped talking to her before she was pregnant.
Maddie questions Sarah about this. Sarah says they stopped talking to her because she was dating a non-Muslim. She says she broke up with the guy before she gave birth. She won't forgive herself if he gets hurt, so she doesn't want him to testify.
Bodie goes to the shooting range where the father works. He doesn't want to testify because he's engaged. Sarah told him never to talk to her again. He says he threw the pills away and they wanted to keep the baby. Bodie says he has to testify. Ben says but it'll end his engagement. He can't help. Bodie says he will get a court order if Ben doesn't testify.
Ben testifies. He says he was a little biased against Muslims til he met Sarah. He testifies they decided to have the baby and he flushed the pills. He says he's glad he testified even though his fiancee ended the engagement. He says he's sorry he didn't come forward sooner.
The judge asks if he knows for sure she didn't buy more pills and then dismisses the witness. Sarah is angry they brought Ben in and fires the team.
Meanwhile, Bellows watches a video of his journalist friend hyping Rosemary's Law. A Senator is not happy about this though he agrees with Bellows' assessment of Sarah as a jihadist. Isabel says she will ruin the Senator's career if he doesn't support the law. The Senator says he won't forget this and leaves. Bellows says he just wanted to get justice for Rosemary and now she will haunt him to his grave.
More kinky Bodie sex. His partner asks why he seems distracted. He tells her about Sarah and Ben keeping their relationship secret destroyed it. He asks if she woud feel differently about them if he wasn't getting innocent people out of prison. She asks are they really innocent? He says some cops have a hard time telling the difference. She says they're done. Bodie says whatever. He's surprised to hear she was wound up about him too. She goes.
Maddie talks to Sarah. Sarah says she ruined Ben's life again and all she does is hurt people and deserves to go to jail. Maddie remembers someone in jail giving her a law book. Maddie tells Sarah she doesn't deserve this. Easy suggests maybe God was testing her. Maybe God wants her to represent her religion to a country that hates her. Maybe He wants her to be a symbol of a freedom. He says the Lord works in mysterious ways. She says Allah knoweth. Easy says let's keep fighting. 
Sarah testifies. Easy questions her. The judge makes a comment about the baby being scared too.
Maddie talks to the ADA about a plea bargain. She won't do it because the judge will hate her.
Bellows burns a photograph and drinks Scotch.
Maddie confronts Heather about the Adderall. Heather makes a snarky comment about Maddie being the killer.
Castro pulls Bodie over to tell him to come to her apartment. Bodie is happy.
Madeline has to go through a bunch of anti-abortion protesters to get to court. She gives a closing about shame.
The judge says it's a moving closing but in his opinion abortion is murder and so is not going to a pre-natal doctor. He denies the motion for a new trial. The ADA suddenly agrees to the plea bargain. Maddie says if he doesn't agree she will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. He reluctantly releases the defendant.
Maddie goes to see someone in prison. She tells her about a guy she's seeing. The woman says you don't owe me anything. Maddie doesn't know if she loves the guy.She and the woman hold hands.  They kiss (in a jail visiting room)
Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hey, I know you're pro-life, but this is a religious bias case. A white woman never would have been charged with this. Fetuses are found in trash cans a lot, sadly, but the women are always charged with improper disposal of a fetus. Never murder. Never!


Madeline: To this day, I can't believe the judge made her sit in court like that.
Man: The judge did everything he could to show his disdain for her.
Easy: Why do you want us to take over her appeal for you?
Man: The only reason they tried her for both murder and feticide is because she's Muslim.