Defending the Innocent - Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 1
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A drive down a dark road. People are burning something in trash cans on the side of the road.  A woman gets out and is met by barking dogs. She knocks on a door anyway. She says she represents Harvey Berkback. The man tries to kill her. She shoots him, gets a DNA sample and calls 911 about the dog.

The next day, Madeline has an appearance on a podcast where she says she can't wait to expose Bellows as corrupt. But in court, he withdraws his charges against her client. Madeline has a hard time at the court hearing as she keeps remembering her and her brother's conviction. Afterwards, Bellows tells her he still thinks she's guilty.

Madeline and Easy appear at a fundraiser for a foundation similar to the Innocence Project. Her lawyer talks about her case and how he thought she was guilty at first but she'd written 2,736 letters and he realized his purpose.They talk about how Rosemary Lynch's real murderer is still out there.

Madeline talks to a reporter and whose girlfriend just dumped him.

Bellows straightens his tie over and over. He is nervous about a press conference where he is announcing his candidacy for Attorney General. Maddy says they can't let him become AG and then governor.She wants to expose him in court for throwing innocent people in jail. She wants to find another wrongful conviction to jam down his throat. She says he has ruined too many innocent lives and cannot be AG.

The team watches video of a woman who says her angel told her to set the fire and laughs evilly. Her team isn't thrilled with this client. But Madeline thinks she is innocent and this will be a great case to use against Bellows. SHe says the "Satanic Goth" look that was circulating was due to soot from the fire. The woman wasn't cleaned up and was possibly injected with an unknown toxin.

They go to prison, making Madeline remember when she was there. Lucia says she doesn't know why she confessed. She is innocent. Maddy says 500 exonerated inmates were coerced into confessions. Maddy wants to be Lucia's lawyer.

Violent and Vincent joke about her dating apps. Maddie comes in. She wants VIncent to investigate how the fire got started. Violet wants to show a pattern of Bellows using media to falsely convict people. Maddie doesn't want her own case involved in this. Her team says that her case has to be part of it, it's their only strategy.

Maddie's mother disapproves and thinks Maddie is starting their nightmare all over again. Her brother Levi is supportive but the rest of her family isn't.

Maddie has a dream about Rosemary's murder.  She looks at photos and news clippings about the murder and has a flashback of doing a lot of drinking. She puts all the evidence on her wall.

The news talks about Lucia's case. Some people in the fire department laugh about the case. The fire chief says the murder appeared during Charcoal Christmas.

Some people confront Levi and say they're never going to forget what he and his sister did to Rosemary while he is trying to coach.  Brian tries to attack Levi with a baseball bat. Levi tells him he will go to prison for life if he does that. Brain beats Levi and Levi hits Brian. Brian's wife gives Levi a disgusted look. Levi goes to his truck and is frustrated.

Madeline comes running into a room and runs into Heather (Brian's wife), who says Levi is a drug addict who tried to kill her husband. Heather says everyone thinks Maddie should be in jail. Maddie says she misses jail, where you can beat up dumb bitches who look at you wrong. She implies Heather is the killer.

Maddie hurries up to defend Levi. They plead not guilty.

After court, the reporter guy meets Maddie outside court. He wants to talk about Lucia's case. He offers to take Maddie to dinner and give the story to someone else. Maddie can't. She says he's not missing anything, she's terrible in bed.

Maddie says she is looking at Lucia's medical reports and it looks like the tox screen was hidden. What about the EMT? Can she get it for them?

The EMT says she just drew blood and she can't help them. Maddie says Lucia lost everything. They get the lab report and find that she was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning -- that's the end of the confession. 

Vincent says he learned about Charcoal Christmas -- Lucia's fire may have been started by faulty Christmas tree lights. Maddie wants to file right away but Easy says Lucia is more important and they have to protect their client first, Bellows might cut a deal. Maddie reluctantly agrees.

Easy goes to see Bellows and tells him about the carbon monoxide poisoning. Bellows says he's not a villian, he's taken statements from the parents of murdered children and that's why he punishes killers. Easy says what about when you get it wrong? Bellows says Maddie is guilty and so is this woman. Easy says Bellows will lose. Bellows offers manslaughter. Easy wants child endangerment. Beloows agrees but says he hopes they don't free a guilty person.

They go to the client. She isn't sure. She wants to be exonerated. She decides she'd rather go to court.

Levi is coaching kids and his boss suddenly fires him because of the thing with Brian. Levi says he has been clean for years and this is all he's got. Frank says he's sorry.

Maddie has a flashback of telling someone in college she didn't want to be a virgin. She calls the reporter and she says she can't promise it won't be super awkward but she'd like to have dinner. He suggests Saturday and says he'll pick her up. He hangs up and tells his boss he has a line on Maddie.

Maddie is watching videos. Lucia's husband preaches all in Spanish and doesn't speak English, but his statement is in flawless English. Translator could have written anything. They have to find him so they confirm what he meant to say.

Easy is mad that Maddie got the client to reject the plea. He thinks she's manipulating Lucia so she can grand her own axe. She says that if she admits wrongdoing the world will spit on her.

Levi calls Maddie and is out of it. He says he misses Rosemary. He tells Maddie he never told her, but they were dating when Rosemary died. She says you swore you were never together. She says if this gets out the world will think we're guilty again. Levi says that can destroy her, but not him because he's already gone.

Maddie looks at her board and remembers the party. She puts a photo of Levi up.

Vincent finds the husband. Maddie warns him to be careful. He talks to the guy in Spanish and gets hit in the face.

The judge isn't interested in Maddie's argument. Bellows is smirking. Easy brings up the hidden tox screen. This judge doesn't think it's material evidence but will consider it. Maddie gets into it with the judge. Investigator comes in all beaten up and they adjourn for a day. He says the man thought he was ICE. Anyway, he didn't write that statement but he can't testify because he'll be deported if he does. They need to look into the translator.

Violet finds the translator did the same thing in Indiana.

The next day they present a letter from the Indiana AG. Bellows objects. They call the translator to the stand. He is a prisoner. They have an affidavit saying he faked the translation. The guy says they were guilty and is thrown out. THe judge wants to know how many prosecutions relied on that corrupt translator. Bellows says he will do an internal review and root out all corruption. Scott interrupts that there was corruption in Lucia's case. The judge declares the defendant innocent and sets her free. 

During the press conference on the steps of the courthouse Maddie has a flashback of finding Rosemary's body with Levi.

Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Caleb: Coming here by yourself was a bad idea.
Madeline: People know I'm here. If you kill me, at least 100 more people will be coming. You can't kill your way out of this one.

Caleb: Harvey still up in Statesville?
Madeline: 27 years is a long time for a murder we both know he didn't commit, don't you think?