Making Plans - Pure Season 2 Episode 3
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Valerie is surprised in her home by Estrada's henchman Orff, who holds a knife on her and steals evidence. She then rushes Ricky off to her ex-husband's place. Anna has her workers practicing unpacking cocaine from tractor tires to execute her smuggling plan. Estrada continues his effort to turn Isaak. Valerie discovers a key logger on her computer. Valerie is annoyed that Noah and Abel showed up at her house. Estrada makes Javier, a disgraced worker, give his new boots to Isaak. Eva tells Noah Julius got financial help to buy his building. Orff threatens Julius with a table saw if he doesn't join the work crew. Noah volunteers to take Julius's place while Julius runs. He tells Julius that it was him that killed Eli Voss. Anna threatens to have her foreman killed if they can't unpack cocaine quicker. The captain takes Valerie off the case. Augustus sends Anna home to get some rest. After Noah tells Valerie of his plan to wear a wire while working for the mob, she lets him burn Bronco's box of evidence, which he thinks will protect Anna. To spare Javier's life, Estrada makes Isaak chop off Javier's fingers. Tina gets welcomed back to the community. Justina tells Tina that Isaak isn't in Texas. She makes Tina question how Anna is making ends meet. Eva wonders where Julius went. Noah gets the call to help with the drug deal. The truck driver unexpectedly shows up and starts talking with Anna, disrupting the plan. She convinces him to drop off the tractor at Augustus's warehouse. The Mennonites damage Valerie's SUV, but she follows on slashed tires. Anna lets the men into the garage. She convinces the driver that his wife called looking for him and he leaves. Anna and Noah reunite but can't talk because of the wire.

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Pure Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You can stay down here and cry about your mother and your good-for-nothing father. Or you can be a man. Your choice.

Estrada [to Isaak]

Anna: You were good to help Justina. But be careful with that woman.
Tina: She's not the same person she was.
Anna: I know Justina Epp. I know what she's done.
Tina: What if God said that about us? What hope would there be for our family?