Taking Charge - Pure Season 2 Episode 2
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Naked Isaak is hauled out of his cage to eat by Estrada's henchman Orff. After a sleepless night, Anna takes control of the local drug-processing plant. Valerie wants Noah to infiltrate the drug ring, again. She tells him Jay was murdered. Valerie takes him to Anna's house. Anna tells Tina she sent Isaak to Texas to look for Noah. Tina and Johan, a Mennonite boy, are making eyes at each other. After Bible study at the bishop's house, Tina helps Justina Epps with the laundry. Noah and Abel take an apartment at the furniture company suspected of laundering money for the mob. The proprietors think they're a couple. Tina gets a ride home from Johan. Isaak is given clothes. Tina arrives just as Anna is securing the cocaine, and Anna acts skittish. A mobbed-up lawyer brushes off Valerie. Noah meets Eva, his upstairs neighbor, and fixes her washing machine. Abel borrows Julius's laptop and learns online the basics of bookkeeping. Augustus invites Anna to his reformed Mennonite church for Faspa. Orff leaves the door open when he delivers Isaak's food. Isaak creeps through the house, using a filed-down spoon to pick an upstairs lock. Julius at the furniture store is receiving hand-delivered packages which he locks away. Abel invites Julius, Kyle and Eva to Faspa. Valerie is suspended after a racy photo of her is sent to everyone in the department. Noah tails Julius, who drops a bagful of money in a car trunk. Isaak thinks he's escaped, until he runs into Orff, who was waiting for him. Anna meets Herman Rhodes, who brings Augustus his farm equipment from the U.S. Ann gets the idea of usng Herman's rig to smuggle drugs. Isaak finds out that Anna had chosen him to be held captive by Estrada. 

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Pure Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sounds like a job for your people, not for us.

Abel [to Valerie]

I am Anna Funk and I am in charge now.