Covering Her Tracks - Pure
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Noah crushes the transmitter for the wire he's wearing so he and Anna can talk unheard by the police outside. Valerie runs to the garage but finds the door locked. Anna tells Noah that if he tells the police what he saw, he will be killng his family. Noah's new plan is to follow the money to the boss and turn him over to the police. Valerie is infuriated by Noah's lack of information. Anna meets with Estrada, who is concerned about the unknown man on her crew. Valerie's captain assigns her to the narcotics investigation. Anna tells a realtor she wants to buy a farm with cash. Orff is teaching Isaak how to shoot a gun. Then Estrada makes a gift of his gun to Isaak. Valerie is late for family court. The judge is concerned about Ricky's safety while in Val's custody. Julius and Kyle missed their flight to Hawaii, and Valerie wants Noah to bring them in. Anna uses her drug money to buy their old farm for Tina and Johan. She then convinces the bishop to perform the wedding ceremony outside the church so she can attend. Augustus drops by to determine what needs fixing at Anna's house. Orff kills Julius and Kyle at the airport and Isaak is an accessory. Noah tells Eva they all work for drug dealers. Eva suggests that they and Abel leave and find a new home. Then she gives him a haircut and shave. Johan proposes to Tina. Isaak and Noah discover they are both working for Estrada. Isaak covers for him with Orff. The police find the bodies of Julius and Kyle. Noah runs off to protect Anna. Augustus proposes to Anna, just as Noah turns the corner to her house. 

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Pure Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Noah: You tell me right now who did this.
Anna: You did. By leaving me no way to run the farm or no way to make a living. You did this.

Valerie: What happened?
Winston: We lost the signal.