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One of Teresa’s deliveries of cocaine is to a rich immigration attorney. She asks if he can get her immigration papers with new names. He says yes, but it’s expensive. 

Camila gets pressured about her lack of product now that Epifanio has cut off her supply. . Eric from the Jimenez cartel is trying to steal her business but Renaldo in Columbia promises Camila that her shipment will arrive that night. Epifanio makes sure that the DEA knows exactly when and where the shipment is arriving.  

Teresa accompanies James to pick up the drugs from the Columbians. The DEA descends and most of the Columbians are killed as James and Teresa run, having to leave the drugs behind. 

Knowing a war is coming, James sends his girlfriend out of town. Camila owes the Columbians $5 million for the lost drugs. One of her henchman suggests selling Teresa to Epifanio for the $5 million. Camila considers it. 

When Brenda can’t pick Tony up at the YMCA because she’s busy with her new drug enterprise, she tells him to take the bus. He gets lost and freaks out on Brenda when he finally makes it back to the motel. Brenda tells him to bury his feelings about losing his father and be a man because she’s working to make money to get them out of this.

Teresa scramble to figure out a way to get back to Mexico to retrieve the journal. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sometimes we need lies to survive.


Teresa: You sat by and let that man be murdered. That's not who I am. That's not who I want to become.
James: Too late.