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Camila loses buyers when the DEA takes her Columbian shipment and Epifanio makes sure no other deliveries are made. Her clients are buying their drugs from Birdman. James promises her he can take Birdman out if she gives him the go ahead.

When one of the other girls becomes ill, Teresa heads out to get her medicine. While she’s Teresa goes back to the Immigration attorney who is a client of Camila and tells him she wants papers so that she, Brenda and Tony can disappear. 

Epifanio tells the DEA where to find Camila’s next shipment, then tells her she needs to see who in her organization is informing to the DEA. Camila begins to suspect Teresa because she spent so long getting back from the pharmacy but seems to believe her explanation.

Camila meets with the head of the Columbian distribution but they want the $5 million she owes them from the previous shipment. They want her to call Epifanio for the money, but she decides to use ever last penny in her reserves to keep her husband out of the deal. 

James takes Teresa to retrieve the money, which is hidden in a large headstone in a cemetery, but they are attacked on their way back. James saves one bag of money but the assailants take the other with $2.5 million inside. One assailant is killed. When Teresa sees his tattoo she recognizes him as one of the Birdman’s men. 

Camila decides she’s going to steal drugs from someone in Miami. 

Turns out Birdman is taking orders from Epifanio. 

Tao gets push back from his firm for taking on Camila Vargas as a client. 

Brenda decides that selling cocaine isn’t lucrative enough and decides to figure out how to make crystal meth. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.


Isabella: Sometimes I think you hate Daddy more than you love me.
Camila: That's not true. I love you much more than I hate him.