Moving Things Forward - Queen of the South
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When Brenda realizes that Teresa is aligned with Camila Vargas, she freaks out and thinks Camila will kill her. Teresa assures her that Camila could have killed her twice but didn’t. At the motel, Brenda makes a deal with the local drug dealer to move his product and she begins selling in nightclubs.

James tells Teresa to come with him, that he has to go and kill someone but instead they visit his girlfriend. He borrows one of her dresses for Teresa. He drops Teresa at a high end party, gives her some sort or electronic device and tells her to wait for his call, and to stay away from Eric, the host. 

Teresa puts the device in the floor vent of the master bathroom but has to hide when two men bring another man in who is cuffed and has been beaten. She tries to free him but he tells her to get out before the others come back. Teresa sets off the device which makes the Erict’s tropical birds go crazy. He goes outside to check on them and James has a gun trained on him but doesn’t take the shot.

James tells Teresa that Eric runs the cocaine distribution in Dallas for a rival cartel. All of this has been a trial run for when Camila gives him the green light to kill Eric. While back in the car, Teresa and James watch Eric kill the man in the bedroom. James stops Teresa from trying to go back inside and stop it and reminds her that this is her world now. 

Cesar tells Epifanio everything about Camila and Teresa. He wants Epifanio to scorch the earth in Dallas and shut Camila down but Epifanio won’t do it that way. Instead he decides to cut off all drug deliveries to Camila. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You think people get bored of people who saw murders.


I should be dead, and I’m not.