Rigging a Horse Race - Queen of the South
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Camila needs product to sell but Manuel will only sell it to her for cash, forgetting the good will she bought when she broke his brother out of prison. 

Camila takes Teresa as her “executive consultant” to a high end party to do business. She meets Cole Van Awken and his wife Kelly Anne. Cole is the head of Teo’s law firm. When Camila finds out the DEA spoke with Teo before the party, she decides to leave. Elsewhere in the house, Teresa is shocked to run into Guero, who is very much alive. After her initial shock, she’s hurt that he took off and left her. She tells him Camila will kill them both if she finds out, but Guero asks her to meet him again. She doesn’t answer. 

The Cartel horse race is run each year by the five most powerful families. Millions of dollars exchange hands. Camila, Teresa, Pote, and James decide to rig the horse race in order to win. Each family sends a young girl to feed the horses sugar cubes as a blessing. Pote drugs the cubes, then tells the girls that Blanco will bite their hands off if they try to feed him, but one of the other horses doesn’t get the drugs either.

James goes out into the field beyond the race track and as Blanco and the other horse vie for the lead, James shoots a rubber bullet into the dirt in front of the other horse, spooking him. Blanco wins the race. 

While at the race,  Casillas sees Teresa. Pote overhears him call Epifanio for permission to kill her. Pote gets Teresa out of the line of fire. As Teresa, James and Pote try to collect Camila’s winnings, the man paying out realizes they used fake money to pay the bet. Teresa tells him that either his own boss will kill him for accepting counterfeit money or they will. She gives him her word that if he walks them out with their money, she’ll give him his own bag. She does just that, but James is upset she left a witness. He later finds the man and kills him, taking the million dollars in the bag back, but removing some, telling Camila the man must have removed it before he got there. 

Tony calls Teresa. His uncle brought him back to Dallas to the motel to find his mother. They don’t know she’s dead, so Teresa goes to tell him. James gives the money he took to Teresa, to use for Tony. Teresa tells Tony that once she makes more money, she’ll come back and take him to live with her. 

Guero puts the DEA onto Teo, who agrees to wear a wire when they threaten him with statutory rape charges after catching him with the babysitter. But Teo doesn’t show up for dinner with Camila, his boss, Cole, does. Cole tells Camila that Teo was about to rat her out to the DEA and he can’t have that for either of them. He hopes to prove to her how important her business is to his firm. Later, the DEA finds Teo hanging in his garage. 


Teresa goes to meet Guero. Neither have any idea that a DEA agent is watching. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I did what I had to do. Nothing's changed. I told you, I'd give my life for you.


Camila: I gave you that dress and those shoes for a reason.
Teresa: I hope they look good because they feel horrible.
Camila: We're here on business. One drink, top shelf only. Never finish the glass. Tell me, are you going to wear that dress or are you going to continue to let it wear you?