Face to Face - Queen of the South
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The DEA picked up Guero three months ago, just before his plane exploded. Epifanio wanted him dead because he was stealing from him. Guero begged the DEA to call Teresa and tell her to run. 

When Teresa meets Guero now, the DEA surprises them both. The DEA tries to turn Teresa. They’ll put her and Guero in Witness Protection if she’ll tell them everything she knows about Camila’s operation. She has 48 hours to decide. 

Epifanio is moving product into Texas to block Camila from regaining the territory. Camila sends James and Teresa to Epifanio’s tunnels to stop his product from ever making it to Texas. Once there, James realizes that Epifanio has the Mexican military working for him. 

Teresa is bitten by a poisonous scorpion and, in trying to save her, James gets caught by the “Texas Patriot Squad,” a civilian militia. Despite him telling her to run, Teresa gets to their truck and goes back for James. Teresa tells the militia about the tunnel and convinces them to stop the shipment of drugs and help her blow up the tunnel. 

Camila is so happy that Teresa was able to manipulate the militia into doing their bidding that she gifts her with the brand new BMW she had hoped to give her daughter on her birthday. Pote tells Teresa that the car doesn’t have a GPS tracker, for now, but reminds her not to trust too much or get too comfortable. 

Guero calls in a fake officer down call to get the DEA to leave him unattended and he runs. He meets with Teresa and asks her to run away with him, but Teresa is done with running. She says that everything in their life was always on his terms, and now that has changed. He has to make a choice. He can go back to the DEA, go on the run alone, or come with her and plead his case to Camila. The choice is his. 

The Colonel has military drones watching Epifanio’s estate at all times, for his “protection.” He was also supposed to protect Epifanio’s shipment to Texas and Epifanio is furious when he fails. Surveillance cameras show him that Teresa was involved. Unhappy with Epifanio’s anger, the Colonel makes veiled threats against his daughter, Isabella. Epifanio tells him that if he ever says his daughter’s name again, he will carve it into the man’s skull.


It’s Isabella’s birthday. She won’t pick up Camila’s calls. Epifanio gives Isabella a string of pearls, which she mocks online to her friends as “old lady pearls.” Seeing this, Camila sends the girl a pair of sexy, red high heels. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Those people are not your friends, and you can't afford any more enemies.

Agent Finnerman

Agent Finnerman: I know you're a good person in a bad situation.
Teresa: And you're going to save me?
Agent Finnerman: Camila Vargas is a cold blooded criminal who uses loyalty as her currency. The only way out is with a bullet. It won't even be her who pulls the trigger.