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Teresa meets with Oleg at the Phoenix airport and makes him an offer but he refuses to share his connections with her after she burned the operation in Malta. With El Santo off the grid, she needs a new supplier. 

Teresa sends James to meet with Camila and hear her out. 

Cortez has taken over governor’s mansion when someone poisons him. He survives and calls in all the house security and staff. He starts shooting them one by one until a maid tells him that Camila treated them like family but he is weak and cruel. Cortez kills her with the poisoned wine. 

James tells Teresa he’s leaving. He can’t work for her if she keeps questioning his loyalty. He’ll help take out Cortez and make sure she’s secure, but then he’s out. 

Camila brings Teresa to meet with Reynaldo who is in an American hospital for a procedure on his heart. He doesn’t know that his niece is already working with Cortez. Reynaldo will supply Teresa with product if Cortez is killed and Camila remains unharmed. Teresa makes the deal but Camila tells Reynaldo she doesn’t think Teresa will keep it and she won’t go down without a very bloody fight.

Camila tells Teresa that King George is being held in a mental institution under a different name but won’t tell Teresa which one. Camila says she’s already fulfilled her part of the bargain and wants to leave. Teresa says she agreed not to harm Camila, not to free her. 

Cortez moves to a well-armed compound with lots of weapon and soldiers. Teresa needs to find King George and get his weapons stash to take down Cortez. They’ll also need more soldiers. Despite their reservations, they contact Boaz Jimenez and partner with him to take Cortez down. 

Camila gives them King George’s location but Cortez has moved him. They find Bilal, who gets shot on the way out, but George isn’t there and now they’ve lost the element of surprise.

Theresa calls Cortez. He has King George. She has Camila. She offers to make a deal. They make the swap at the border, with the agreement that Cortez will run Sinaloa while Teresa runs the Phoenix operation, both using Reynaldo’s Colombian supply. But Cortez must keep Camila unharmed or else Reynaldo will pull his supply. Cortez agrees. 

Camila is taken away by Cortez’s soldiers and she’s wearing a bracelet with the tracking device in it. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Teresa: Camila is dangerous.
Pote: Yes she is but you’re safer with her under your nose.

Whenever you’re down you always come back stronger. This isn’t the time to give up, Teresita.