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Pote wakes up after two days but his hand is badly damaged and he has trouble using it to shoot. He’s upset to see James, but Teresa assures him that James is with them now. Pote tells James that if he turns on them again he will gut him like a little pig. 

Teresa and James meet with Rocco de la Peña. Teresa deposits $3 million into his digital currency network as a test. When it works she deposits $20 million. 

Camila is furious that de la Peña protected Teresa. She orders Cortez to go to Malta and get her, but Cortez encourages her to focus on Boaz as he is her immediate enemy. Camila tells him that she decides who her real enemies are, not him. 

Teresa is upset when she finds a group of women that de la Peña is trafficking. She wants to save them but she’ll have to turn on de la Pena to do it. James and Pote are against the idea of saving this one shipment of girls won’t stop his human trafficking operation, but Teresa remembers what it was like to be someone’s slave. King George is willing to help but warns Teresa that de la Pena is a man who can be particularly cruel when crossed. 

Rocco de la Peña likes to slice up his girls. That’s what he’s doing when he hears that African guerrilla fighters have attacked his shipment of girls. He knows it’s Teresa. When Teresa tries to withdraw $19 million out in a hard drive, de la Pena has the bank sealed. Teresa has to beat a woman enforcer to death to get out while James and Pote have a firefight with the guards. 

King George rescues the girls being trafficked but de la Peña has his escape ship seized. Teresa has everyone head to a local airfield. Rocco de la Pena implanted tracking devices in the girls' arms but the girls cut them out at the airport. They all manage to get out on a cargo plane. 

Camila asks Alonso at the DEA to get Teresa arrested and extradited from Malta, but he says the authorities won’t touch her as long as Rocco de la Peña is protecting her. Camila claims Epifanio’s book that Teresa was in possession of, shows her that Teresa’s operation has a weakness. 

Isabela thinks her mother should get closer to General Cortez, but Camila warns her he has a lot to learn about dangerous men. Isabela asks her mother to teach her.

Rocco de la Peña is furious that Teresa crossed him over a shipment of girls that he will have replaced by tomorrow. He says when he finds her he will make her scream. Now Teresa has two major enemies, Rocco de la Peña and Camila Vargas. The future Teresa says that this was the day that saved her soul but asks if it was worth it.


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Camila: I decide who my real enemy is, not you. Boaz is just a stupid bull.
Cortez: But he is a bull with a spear in his side and he is in the ring with you. Do not turn your back to him.

[to James] You betray us again and I will carve you like a freakin’ cochinito, you understand?