Behind Bars - Queen of the South
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Marcel Dumas is in jail. He is denied bail because he’s considered a flight risk, and Teresa struggles to find an attorney to represent him.

James can’t find Lafayette’s ledger. They convince Capt. Gamble to search the evidence the police collected from Lafayette’s home. He finds the ledger.

When James goes to meet Gamble, he realizes that Federal agents are watching Gamble. Teresa’s crew believes the Feds are surveilling Gamble and possibly them because of Lafayette’s murder.

It was so easy to flip Capt. Gamble that they assume he’ll quickly give them up to the Feds. Teresa orders James to kill Gamble but make it look like an accident and have the ledger on him so the FBI will find it.

Kelly Anne wonders why, if the FBI is coming after them, they don’t take the half a billion dollars they have on hand and run. She reminds Pote that they have more than themselves to think about now.

FBI Special Agent Pinetta goes to Marcel in prison. He’s a part of an anti-corruption task force. They want to know what Dumas knows about Teresa Mendoza.

Lucien calls Teresa and says that Marcel has changed his mind and wants a new shipment, which Teresa sends. When the FBI raids it, they find nothing but Tequila on board.

While hiding at Gamble’s, James overhears on his scanner that the FBI plans to raid Teresa’s distillery. Teresa and Kelly Anne go to the FBI. Teresa accuses Judge Lafayette and Capt. Gamble of forcing her to pay bribes to remain in business. Special Agent Pinetta tells her they are about to stop one of her drugs with a shipment of cocaine, but when they do, they only find Tequila, and they have to call off the raid on the distillery.

It turns out Lucien was the one who called the police and told them the type of car James and Marcel were in as James tried to get Marcel out of the country. Lucien also lied about Marcel authorizing the new shipment so he could set Teresa up with the Feds. Lucien wanted to take over New Orleans.

Teresa calls Marcel and tells him what has happened and that she’s still working on getting him cleared. Marcel says that since she’s the one who put him in jail, he won’t hold his breath.

Pote assigns Kelly Anne a bodyguard, Flaco. They tell Teresa that Kelly Anne is pregnant. Pote admits to Teresa that he’s scared. She says she is too.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You can keep your coke and your bullshit apologies. I'd rather my people starve than be in business with you.


Gamble: I knew the judge was into some dirty things, but this…
Pote: Not everyone was as lucky as you, Cabron. While he was sending you to night school, he was sending these kids to hell.