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Ralph Angel shows everyone Ernest letter, but they question why Ernest never told anyone or gave it to his lawyer. Charley asks Ralph Angel how he intends to run the farm without her financial backing and he says he’ll figure it out, but has no specific plan. 

The letter leaves Nova and Charley in an emotional tailspin. Nova feels as though her father never accepted her because she didn’t settle down, get married, and give him grandchildren. Charley wonders why everyone runs to Ralph Angel’s defense but always expects her to handle everything on her own. 

Vi explains to Nova how she once owned half of the farm. She got married to Jimmy Dale at age 17 and it caused a rift between her and Ernest; they didn’t speak for years. When Jimmy Dale began abusing Vi, Ernest ran him off. Vi sold her half of the farm to Ernest so she could pay off Jimmy Dale, divorce him, and then pay off her mortgage. She’s never regretted the decision because it gave her freedom and independence. 

A farmer turns up at the mill with fresh cut cane but he’s never signed a contract. Remy vouches for him, but Charley still wants a contract signed before they process the cane. She sends Darla to the mill to take care of the paperwork. 

Ralph Angel says he needs Darla by his side while they discuss the future of the farm and orders her to stay. Angry, Darla leaves for the mill. The next day she comes to see Blue but Ralph Angel won’t let her in. She says she can deal with his anger but that shouldn’t have to affect Blue and she takes him swimming instead. 

Davis brings Charley a housewarming gift. It’s an ice cream maker, because he convinced her to take it off their wedding registry when they got married years ago. He says it’s a gift for her fresh start. Charley thanks him and tells him that a magazine will be doing an article on their divorce. She promises Davis the chance to tell his side but he’s still angry that Charley made this decision without him. 

Later, Remy learns that Charley agreed to the interview about her divorce. She says she’s controlling the narrative. Remy says that Ernest always said that she was more than smart, she was thoughtful, but now he wonders if  he really meant calculating instead. Charley tells him to leave. 


When the interviewer asks Charley what her father would have thought about the Queen Sugar Mill, she admits she has no idea. 

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Charley: Wanting to believe that you are capable of doing all this and actually doing it are two very different things.
Ralph Angel: That's because you two only see my mistakes. You know, me and Pops felt the same way.

Nova: It was always the same thing with me and Daddy, it didn't matter what it was. We always found ourselves right back in the same place. You know?
Vi: No, baby, I don't know. You are going to have to let me in.
Nova: When you gonna settle down? Girl, where my grand babies at? Could never seem to just let me be me.
Vi: Well, baby, your Daddy was just doing what father's do. You didn't have to pay that no mind.
Nova: That's what I thought, then Charley gave him one, then Ralph Angel. After that he stopped asking. I thought he was satisfied with who I am, but cutting me out of the farm feels like he's judging me, punishing me.