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Charley signs a contract giving the Landrys her Queen Sugar Mill. In addition to the monetary sum, Charley also receives 1% ownership in Landry Enterprises. Sam Landry considers it a small price to pay to keep Charley as the face of Queen Sugar for appearances sake. But that 1% gives Charley access to all of Landry Enterprises financials and corporate records and she plans to use that access to take the company down. No one knows about her plan, except for Ralph Angel. 

Charley hired a private investigator to find the police officer who put a gun in Micah’s mouth when he arrested him. She gets back video of the Officer Orson beating on another young black man and has the video leaked to the press.

Nova is offered a book deal with a six figure advance. They want to print all of her articles and essays and take her own a global tour, but Nova isn’t sure she wants to give up her grass roots work in Louisiana.

At the St Josephine high school basketball game, several students take the court and take a knee during the national anthem. Some in the audience cheer, while others boo, yell slurs, and present the Confederate flag. The students are forcibly removed from the court. Later, Nova interviews those students and they talk about how they are little but their voices are loud, and how each one of them knows someone who has been abused or brutalized. 

Blue is acting out at school and at home because he misses his mother, but Darla tells him in a video call that she is working on a plan to be reunited. Ralph Angel gets the results of the paternity test and finds that Blue isn’t his biological son. He says that it changes nothing, but he is heartbroken. 

Prosper needs back surgery and won’t be able to help Ralph Angel on the farm this season. Ralph Angel plans to farm all 800 acres, something his father was never able to do.

Hollywood and Vi return from a trip to Italy. Hollywood has become overly protective of Vi, who rebels against it, assuring him that she won’t break and doesn’t need to be put on a pedestal. 


Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Having you as the continuing face of Queen Sugar, well, it helps us keep up appearances, if you know what I mean?

Sam Landry

Don't lead with the fear of what might be. Lead with the strength of who you are.