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The farmers want Charley to speak in front of the council on their behalf in their fight against the new prison. She tells Prosper she sold the Queen Sugar Mill to the Landrys. Prosper tells the community and they turn on Charley.

At the council meetings, some people want the jail because it means jobs. The developer says he’ll build schools and consider building shopping centers and housing for the people who will move to St. Josephine. When Charley stands to speak she is booed by the people in her community until she explains that she sold her mill to the Landrys to stabilize prices so that they could all fight to win another day, but if they take their farms and build this prison that day will never come. 

Charley rallies the community when she points out that the prison pays minimum wage and uses its inmates as free labor. That the politicians will make out because prisoners add to the population numbers which will give them more power, but those prisoners aren’t allowed to vote. By the end, the community is cheering her on. 

Frances Boudreaux tells Charley that Sam has half of the council in his pocket, but Councilwoman Ward might be the swing vote. The council has four votes in favor of the prison and three votes against. Councilwoman Ward voted in favor. The prison is approved. 

Realizing he’ll probably never get his home back, Prosper calls his daughter to come to get him. Micah looks at websites for holding a rally for novices. 

Darlene went back to D.C. after Darla tells her she’ll take care of things from here on out. Darla teaches Blue how to ride a bike but when he falls a couple of times he walks away. 

Violet finds out that Nova was seeing Remy and doesn’t take it well. Later on, while she’s making pies, she has serious chest pains and Rhonda takes her to the hospital. After she’s released, she tells her family that she has Lupus. 

Ralph Angel, Nova, and Charley all work together to get Vi's latest order of pies baked and delivered. Charley calls Romero who comes to help and offers to make her his exquisite chicken mole for dinner. She accepts the date. 



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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

[to Micah] This isn’t about fair, this is about surviving and for you surviving is taking this picture instead of being in it.


Charley: You and I both know Sam’s not going to stop taking everybody’s land. I sold the mill as leverage for the farmers’ security, their stability, their livelihood. Their freedom from Sam.
Prosper: But you’re in business with the devil, Charley. That’s the only way to go see it.