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Ralph Angel finds a birthday present for Blue that Ernest hid before he died but he’s not sure if he should give it to him. 

Nova tries to make amends with Ralph Angel, but he isn’t having it. He’s still angry that Blue found out he wasn’t his biological father because of Nova, and that Darla relapsed after Nova put her past in her novel for all to read. Later, Ralph Angel decides to let Blue see Nova, but he’s not quite ready to forgive. 

Violet goes to see Nova because she wants Jimmy Dale’s address. Nova makes Violet take her with her to see Jimmy Dale. Violet gives him a box with all of her hospital bracelets and tells him that’s his burden now. He only laughs at her and claims she always comes back to him. Then Violet points out how since she’s left him she has her house, her business, respect, and love, while he’s just a worn-out old man.  

Violet runs into Jimmy Dale’s new, young, girlfriend who is covered in bruises. Vi convinces her to go with her to a women’s shelter and offers her a job at the diner. Jimmy Dale is furious. 

Darla gives Violet her one month chip as a thank you for helping her when she was at her lowest point.

Francis has the police investigate whether Charley, Ralph Angel, or Micah were behind the arson of the Queen Sugar mill. Then there are long-time voters, including Prosper, who are being told they are no longer registered voters. And then the voting location in the Hispanic community is moved ten miles outside of town. Prosper, Charley, and her campaign crew vow to continue to fight.

Micah is worried that he and Keke will break up because they’ll be going to different schools. He still isn’t sure that Harvard is right for him. 

Charley throws a party celebrating Micah going to Harvard University. She is so proud and happy until Micah announces that he’s turned Harvard down and has decided to go to Xavier University in New Orleans for art and political science so that he can concentrate on a career in photography. 

Charley is furious. Harvard isn’t just about an education, it’s about making connections he won’t make anywhere else. It’s about leveling the playing field that won’t give him a foot in the door. She storms off, not believing he would throw all of that away. 


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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I realized something. I ain’t got to worry about the Landrys bringing us down. I’ve got to worry about enemies, for what? When I’ve got a sister like Nova Bordelon right here.

Ralph Angel

Ralph Angel: What are you doing here, Nova?
Nova: I heard you’re handing out second chances, thought I’d try my luck.