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Charley is arrested for arson with intent to defraud concerning the fire at the Queen Sugar mill. She gets out on bail and tells the press that she’s innocent and calls out the attacks on her family.

Sam hands Violet proof of Frances' dirty dealings over the years. Turns out, Sam owes Violet because decades earlier, Sam Landry got a young, black woman pregnant and feared his racist father would kill him or cut him off. Violet helped him convince his father it was just a rumor and then got Betty out of town. Her child is now grown and has graduated from the Wharton School of Business. Sam Landry claims he has never contacted her. 

Ralph Angel and Darla give Blue the present they found that Ernest had left hidden. It’s a beach ball. Blue breaks down in tears remembering his grandfather. Later, Ralph Angel and Darla declare their love for one another.

Nova and Calvin decide to rent a home together, a place that is close to the 9th Ward and his kids. Nova brings Calvin to the diner to meet her family as everyone awaits the election results. Charley is shocked when they win and they all celebrate. 

Nova and Ralph Angel reconcile. She shows him their mother’s journal and, with Prosper’s help, they try to figure out where their mother has been buried on the farm.

With the documents Aunt Vi got from Sam, Charley is able to track down the men who set the mill on fire. They confess they were hired by Hank Miller, who confesses his connection to Frances Boudreaux. Frances is arrested for bribery and conspiracy to commit arson. 

Charley is called to meet with Parker Campbell of the Beckington Group. When Charley arrives, she’s shocked to see that Parker is a black woman, and learn that she is Sam Landry’s daughter. She and Sam have been working together to get the highway passed through St. Jo’s and begin the fracking operation. Charley is told that they’ve already filed papers to take the Bordelon farm through eminent domain. Furious, Charley swears that will never happen.

Nova begins to write a new book, called, Tru Papers, in honor of her mother. The family gathers at what they believe to be Trudy Bordelon’s gravesite where they now have a marker that reads, “Forever Rest in Paradise, Our Mother, Friend, and Angel. Trudy Bordelon.”


Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Reporter: You’re saying you’re innocent.
Charley: You’re damn right I’m innocent. To whoever is fueling these attacks on me and my family, to whoever tried and failed to permanently purge our supporters from the voter rolls, it won’t work. When you come for me and the people of St. Jo, you better not miss, and you missed. We’ll see you at the polls.

Micah: I’m sorry for how I told you about Harvard. I shouldn’t have sprung it on you like that.
Charley: I appreciate that and my response, it wasn’t just about Harvard. This election…I just want you to have every chance, every advantage.
Micah: I already have advantages and I’m thankful for them. I want to use my advantages to help others.