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Charley, Nova, Hollywood, and Aunt Vi all gather to send Micah and Keke off for their prom. Micah has been accepted to Harvard, while Keke got a full scholarship for Tulane University. When Micah and Keke catch up with their friends at the hotel before the prom, Keke is embarrassed when they know that Micah booked a private hotel room for the two of them for after the prom. 

Keke admits to Micah that she started on birth control pills six weeks ago, but now she’s not as sure as she once was. When a bad storm kicks up, the prom is canceled and the kids get stuck at the hotel. Micah and his friends talk about where they will be in ten years, but Micah can’t come up with a plan. 

Deesha questions why it took a play date with their kids for her to see Ralph Angel after he broke their last date. He apologizes. Later, Ralph Angel tells her about Darla’s relapse. He admits he’s still in love with Darla and he and Deesha amicably break up, promising to still let the kids see one another. 

Nova has information for Charley about Jacob Boudreaux that she can use during the upcoming town hall debate. Jacob shows up during Charley’s prep and he tells her that he’s been told the election is his and that she should get out now because his family plans to destroy her and her family. 

Charley plays the recording of Frances, Jacob’s mother, saying horribly racist things to Charley. Jacob says he wishes he could back out of the race, he doesn’t even want to be a council member, but he has no choice but says maybe he can throw the race. Charley shows him information that says his descendant was not only black but a Bordelon. 

Later, Jacob backs out of the debate and holds a press conference making his new lineage public. Nova worries this will help his campaign but Charley thinks he will lose a percentage of the white voters and what few black voters he has will come to see him as pandering to their race. She believes this will help her beat him in the election.  

Holywood talks about opening a club where men can talk about real things and share their real feelings. He can’t call it a support group but maybe a social club. He considers calling it The Real Spot. 

Darla contacted her sponsor. She wants to take a little time before she sees Blue so that she can make sure she’s in the right condition. When Ralph Angel keeps showing up to help her, she asks if he can ever forgive her and does he ever think about them having a second chance. He admits he’s never stopped thinking about it. 

Calvin comes to visit Nova for her birthday. Realizing the distance between them is another obstacle in their relationship, Calvin offers to move back to New Orleans to be near Nova. 


Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Charley: The arrogance of mediocre white men never ceases to astound me.
Jacob: It’s not arrogance, Charley, it’s power. I told you my family stops at nothing that gets in their way.

Nova: We celebrate this young king and queen today not only for their beauty but also for their brains. A round of applause to Keke who’s going to my Tulane University on a full visual arts scholarship…and our dear Micah West who’s taking his talents all the way across the country to Harvard.
Charley: My baby’s going to Harvard!