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The local sugar mills are having to close because of Covid-19. Ralph Angel can’t harvest because there’s nowhere to take the cane. He’s let go of his harvesters. He can’t get a loan, but he hopes that the soil will be even richer next year and a good harvest will set them right. 
Darla wants him to ask Charley for a loan because her job is shut down, but he wants to handle it himself. 
Darla has been laid off. There was an outbreak at her office for those still onsite. She’ll get two weeks pay, and then she’s furloughed; she’s technically an employee and can get benefits but no paychecks. 
Ralph Angel sells some of his farm equipment to make money, but it’s still not enough. Ralph Angel takes a job as a janitor at an assisted care facility. 
Vi’s Prize Pies and Diner is closed, and The Spot never opened up. But Vi and Hollywood pack up Easter dinners for the community.
Hollywood video chats with his mother, Willa Mae, and realizes she’s got a bad cough. She assures him she’s just fine. Then a day comes where Willa Mae doesn’t pick up the phone. A neighbor checks on her, but Hollywood is still worried and decides to drive out and check on his mother himself. 
Blue’s internet is slow, and it’s affecting his online school.
Micah’s coming home now that the semester is over. Keke broke up with him. She has a new boyfriend. Micah has a new girlfriend who is obsessed with Charley and her fame. 
Nova and Calvin, and Tru Papers Neighborhood Action Team drop supplies on people’s doorsteps. When Nova drops off supplies at Prosper’s, he’s almost surly and wants her to leave. Nova realizes that Prosper is depressed because he’s been home alone for weeks and does nothing but watch the news. 
Prosper starts to perk up when Nova asks for help on an article for Tru Papers.
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

I barely got out of that store alive. The shelves were totally empty, completely wiped out. It’s like we’re living the apocalypse.


Violet: All this feels like some kind of test.
Hollywood: What you mean?
Violet: Maybe this is how we find out what we’re made of, you know, as a people, as a community. Do we or do we not have each other’s back?