The Queen Sugar Mill
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It’s February 2020, and the news says the Coronavirus is spreading in China. Nova cuts her hair short as part of a cleansing ritual as she continues to try to make amends to her family for the things she wrote in her book.
Nova begins her own online newspaper, Tru Papers, and funds it with the profits from her novel. 
Frances Boudreaux is sentenced in court for conspiracy to commit arson against the Queen Sugary sugar mill. She gets seven years in prison. 
Councilwoman Charley Bordelon puts together The Feast of St. Josephine when they realize that St. Jo’s Parish was named after a black woman. 
Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue are a happy family and living together. Ralph Angel gets a notice that he and half the black-owned farms in St. Jo’s will lose their land to eminent domain seizure so that the new highway can be built. 
Charlie and Nova go up against Parker Campbell and the Beckington Group to fight the highway and get an environmental impact study. The judge agrees they should look for other routes for the highway that would impact fewer people. 
Parker offers to pay the farmers double what the government will with eminent domain. Charlie turns it down. Parker says the fight has just begun. 
Micah is at college. He’s local but still hasn’t visited his mother in two months. He’s joining a fraternity, New Zeta Gamma.
With the help of Prosper and Ralph Angel, Hollywood is planning to open The Spot, a men’s community club. 
Calvin and Nova are now living together. He seems to get along fine with Nova’s friends and family but is worried his family won’t accept Nova when they meet soon.
At the Feast of St. Josephine, everyone celebrates until Parker arrives to announce that thanks to Charley Bordelon, she’s heard their concerns, and the Beckington Group has decided to move the highway to go through the least amount of farms possible. Everyone cheers until they realize it will now go through the Parish cemetery where all of their families are buried. Charley is blindsided but vows to fight on.
With everything in chaos, Ralph Angel proposes to Darla, and she says yes. 
Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Violet: All this time and people are just realizing that St. Jo was named after a black woman.
Hollywood: Well, you know, I think everything should be named after black women.
Violet: You see, now you just trying to get some.
Hollywood: I sure am.

Every day’s a big day now that mom lives here.