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A woman is putting bags in her trunk and talking on the phone. She's getting a headache and that's the last thing she needs right now. But she catches her breath in her car.

The Nora Evers Protection Act is signed. News is alight with stories about it, and someone somewhere is linking to all kinds of data so they can read users very souls. This is one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

They're indexing people for everything from political affiliation to anxiety levels and everything in between.

Suddenly three DC circuit judges have been killed in one day. Ben says it's begun. That's Crowley, who will paralyze the courts. John wonders what that will do. Ben says that what Crowley loved India for it's caste system. People know they're place, and they're kept there. He'll build the country he's always wanted, and it ain't pretty.

The team begins discussing next steps. Homm says he can make a great case on the data they have. It's documented proof of a conspiracy bigger than the pentagon or pandora papers. Hailey says why not go public? But Ben says Crowley controls the narrative with the media blabbering about Evers' assassination and how he'll use fear for whatever they'd try to have seen.

John agrees, and suggests they move over to the Homm plan. They reveal he's alive, which will go viral, at which time the public controls the narrative. Ben says the breadcrumbs they've been feeding Morgan Shaw will pay off handsomely. Homm cannot believe it was them. Wow.

Ben says post something on Reddit and by night it's in a Pilipino clickfarm and voila, people are in love with the latest folk hero.

A newswoman named Laura got a bizarre message in her public account. It's the Homm info. John says, she's in. Ben's biggest fear is that this won't end with Crowley's death, but John says to trust him.

Before they go to sleep, Hailey stops John. She was worried about him. He apologizes, but she says he doesn't get it. But he does. This job has taken everything from him. She asks about Liv. He says a job went wrong, and she got hurt and left him.

John tells Hailey he doesn't think he could handle losing someone like her. She says she knows she couldn't. Before they kiss, she says she went to Jo Madi. She wanted him to be safe. John pauses for a very long time and says OK. She thought she had one chance to protect him, and she took it. He pulls her into a hug and kisses her.

The shopping woman is tied to a chair, asking what they want from her. They just need proof of life. He cuts off her finger or something.

Madi is running a meeting when her assistant says she's got Chloe on the line. Mommy isn't home and she's not answering the phone. Madi gets an email and wonders what the hell.

Someone's got eyes on Hailey and Homm. Homm is feeling rough about all that's been done to him and that he's done.

Ben cannot believe he's got a grandson.

Laura and her producer meet with John, who admits he sent that to her because in a media world that commands no respect by feeding into the narrative most people want to her, she does. He's got a thumb drive for her. He explains what's on it and that it's a widespread conspiracy to take over America. Moreover, he can bring her a dead man to resurrect on TV to expose it all. He has one condition - that it's presented on live TV.

Not sure why they're sitting in a window. Before they leave, she asks that John doesn't make her out to be a fool becuase it's all they have. Then Madi and her people arrive like they're in a movie. She's kind of embarrassing.

John tells Madi Homm is alive. She's so stupid she doesn't believe him. Her gray-haired counterpart works for Crowley and passes on the information.

She's trying to be all snarky, which angers John. She says no deal.

Hailey is going off course to show Homm something -- a bunch of people picketing, saying he's not dead. For some reason, he jumps out of the moving car, landing right in front of the crown. I'm real! Morgan Shaw was the one following him.

Hailey gets Homm back into the car and gets him interested in going to "fuck 'em up."

Madi is making a case for not believing John. Her gray-haired counterpart says they can use his family for leverage. Madi offers them up on a platter. She's a real piece of work. For some reason, Madi's daughter Chloe texts that mommy still isn't home.

Ben and Liv are getting to know each other. He's worried about Sam, so Liv plays along and calls her son. He doesn't answer.

John is watching a countdown through the door window. He's got to speak to Madi.

Ben and Liv are on the move. She's weirdly unaffected. As soon as the car doors close, they're surrounded by men in suits with heavy artillery.

Gray-hair answers John's call. John says his family isn't where Madi thinks they are. Gray says he can personally guarantee their safety. John makes him promise, asking him to shake on it and gives him the address.

John picked his pocket while they were shaking. John's on the move! Go, John, GO!! The alarms are going off, and Gray's card has already been deactivated. He sees Madi, who says to go this way.

Earlier this morning, she saw the email. In it was a photo of Homm alive. She called John from the number on the photo. He says they're finally on the same side, and she wonders what's the fucking plan now, asshole.

Hailey and John arrive in front of the building at the exact moment he exits. Before Madi gets out, Gray stops her. What the hell is going on here?

Laura is on camera confirming that Homm is alive.

Ben and Liv, handcuffed, arrive at a hanger and are escored to a small plane. NOW we see Crowley. He tells Ben he was always naive. Crowley calls the country a fucked up pathetic mess that took a wrong turn a long time ago. But now he's in the position to fix it. He can restore some fuckin' balance. Ben scoffs.

Someone shoots down the door where Madi's wife is being held. She's scared shitless. People are dropping all around her and someone comes up behind.

Homm is in a makeup chair at the station when the producer comes up. They've got to see something. The DOJ is there to stop the broadcast. John says it's not real because they can't get the warrant that fast to sign off on it. While they're issuing the warrant, Kyle the Intern wanders into the lobby, killing the guard and moving through the building.

When the elevator opens, John and Hailey take him down.

There's a huge argument going on in the lobby when Madi and Gray arrive. These people are not DOJ. Oh, his name is Rush! Totally forgot that. Sorry, guys!

A guard is going through Kyle's things. At the same time, Crowley is indexing the guard to use things againt him. The guard, named Edgar, gets a call. Crowley is going down a laundry list of things that could bring the guy down, including soliciting a minor, during which time he took a bunch of pictures.

Homm is heading to the desk when the producer gets a call. Probably about Kyle the Intern being on the loose.

He's getting raked over the coals by the producer. The producer pauses the show, but John is like, WTF? Crowley asks to talk with John. They chit chat (it's in a TVF quote), and we discover that isn't John's ex-wife but a freakin' mercenary!

That badass killed everyone, much to Ben's surprise. Crowley is on the ground, and badass gives Ben a gun to kill him. Quite the gift. But Kyle is still out there. Kyle is outside the studio where Laura and Homm remain. In the hangar, Crowley says the only doubt he had was about Ben. Kyle was taking aim at Homm and Laura, but when he heard Crowley die, he smiled at John and darted away.

The program goes live. Homm hesitates, but he begins speaking with "our team." which is music to our ears.

Madi gets a text, mommy's home. Madi is in a good mood, and she lets John walk despite having enough interest to arrest him for some other job she suspects him of pulling off. She gives Hailey a look, and John wonders what it was. She gave Madi her old boss instead, so Madi got to arrest someone, and Hailey still has the cash. John's nervous. She's getting really good at this.

Ben is standing over Crowley's body, his brains blown all over the furniture. The kid we thought was John's son? Not even his son. He belongs to badass. I assume her name is still Liv? Ben picks the earbud out of Crowley's ear. Who is this? He gets an OMG are you kidding me look on his face.

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You said Jo Madi was honest, so I gave her some information to prove what was going on, and I, I asked her to arrest you, to take you off the street so you could be safe.


He'll build the country he's always wanted, ruled over by a privileged few. And create a permanent underclass. Women in the home, homosexuals in the closet, or better still, buried in the ground. It's a world of a hundred years ago, this world. God help us all.