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Ray's plan with Sully is put into action on this episode of Ray Donovan.

Mickey works with Daryll to get him ready for the fight.

Exra shows up at Ray's with a bag of money.

Conor asks Ray to teach him how to fight.

Sully has gotten a couple of guys to help him.

Bunchy goes to see Father Danny and tries to confront him.

Bunchy tells Mickey he klled the wrong man and Mickey tells him to stop being a crybaby and deal with it.

Ray wants to make another baby.

Abby knows something is up with Ray when he wants to go to Fite Nite and be near his entire family.

The spa lady contacts Mickey to find out if she asked for how he treated her.

Ray gives the ladies in his life diamond studs from Tiffany & Co.

Conor doesn't understand how Daryll can be their uncle.

Sully picks up Mickey and spa lady.

Sully kills Spa Lady despite Mickey trying to get her to keep her life.

Bunchy tells Conor to be strong like his father, and never let people take advantage of him.

Sully kills Spa Lady.

Mickey takes Sully to Sean Walkers and Sully kills Sean.

The news at Fite Club is abuzz with Sean Walker's death.

Mickey walks into the club and asks Ray what he did.

Abby tells Ray about her years writing to Mickey.

Bunchy prepares to jump of the roof.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Yeah, well, I walked back from this Venice Beach -- I've never seen so many freaks in my whole f*ckin' life. I saw one guy shoutin' at his own f*ckin' shoe.


You know, you're the last male Donovan. You have to have some boys of your own; keep the family name alive.