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Ray attempts to handle a crisis at the Donovan Fite Club this week.

Ray uses Avi to protect his family from Sully.

Ezra is the legal guardian of Sean Walker's baby.

The LAPD visit Mickey.

Bunchy shows up at Terry's covered in blood.

Bunch shot Father Danny and and brought him to Fite Club and Frances stopped the bleeding.

Mickey calls Claudette for help.

Abby defies Ray and leaves the house.

Bunchy decides there must be something wrong with him and he wanted the priest to hurt him.

Ray has blamed himself all these years for what happened to Bunchy.

Abby shows up at Fite Club, sees the priest and leaves without question.

Father Danny throws a fit at the thought of being taken to the hospital by Ray, tells him he loved him and Ray shoots him.

Ray admits to Abby that Bunchy wasn't the only one abused by Father Ray.

Frank calls Ray and tells him he'll come after him for killing Van Miller.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Come in fellas. I'll make some Sanka.


Yeah, my client's dead, I'm in mourning, that's my statement.