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Mickey works with the FBI to garner incriminating evidence against Sean Walker on this episode of Ray Donovan.

Avi is bringing Sully and his wife to California.

Conor wants to go to the Kids Choice awards with Tommy.

Van shows up at Fite Club to get Mickey to call Sean.

Tommy married one of his tranny friends and doesn't want to go to the awards

Tommy is going off the edge, and Ray is trying to keep him on it. 

Sean had to remind Mickey they're making a fictional movie and that the night in question was an accident.

Sean doesn't know Mickey is wired and transmitting to Van Miller.

The trip with Avi and Sully is a nightmare.

Ray blackmails his FBI buddy Frank to turn in Van.

Mickey gets confused between real life and his movie career.

Ray doesn't let Tommy's blackmail go through.

Conor tells Ray he likes his grandpa and has fun with him.

Mickey learns that nobody but Van knows about the case against Ray.

Mickey kills Van.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Conor: Look, I know you think he's a perv. He's not. He likes trannies. And girls when he's drunk.
Ray: You seem to know him pretty well.
Conor: He's my friend. He's never done anything to me. And if he did, I know how to take care of myself.

F*ck the bureau. Lazy people are always sticking their names on good work. Not this time. Who's got the stick now, hmmm? Who's got the stick now?