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Ray and Abby try to figure out how to get Bridget into her dream school. 

Mickey is working in a Mexican restaurant washing dishes and peeling carrots.

Bridget took the test to get into Belair Academy. She's very intelligent and the counselor agrees she needs to be challenged.

Kate McPherson is meeting with Ed. He won't let her talk with Frank, even though he's the big hero who shot Sully. She asks if Mickey Donovan is connected to the case, and Ed says his name has never come up.

Abby is worried since Belair Academy banned Bridget forever. Ray says he can do it forever.

Ed asks Ray who the hell Katherine Shaughnessy is and Ray has to tell him Sully strangled his girlfriend. Ray doesn't care that Kate's asking about her, but he does mind her asking about Mickey.

Ray goes to Stu Feldman to ask if he can give him a break about Bridget. Yes, if he gets a porn star to screw him. Classy.

Mickey is at work and his parole officer shows up. He's delivering an ankle bracelet.

Abby looks at houses and doesn't make nice with potential new neighbors.

Lexie Steel's husband is not happy to be propositioned by Ray for Stu.

Kate goes into Fite Club and chats with Terry. After doing something to set up Stu, Ray gets there and Kate is outside since Avi blocked her in.

Deb tells Abby to buy the house, build a second story and block the bitch's view.

Mickey meets a guy in his building who helps him remove his ankle bracelet and then agrees to wear it while Mickey goes to dinner, as long as he brings him back some food. Mickey cries.

Kate and Ray talk about Sully.

Mickey's parole officer shows up and catches him readying for dinner. While he's looking for Mickey's monitor, Mickey notices he's wearing Ray's watch. He says he bought it at Gem and Loan, a pawn shop in Beverly Hills. Mickey says he paid a piece of his soul.

Mickey tells Claudette he can't make dinner.

Stu goes to Stage 6 to film a porno. He needs money and a health certificate. He's doing it POV, handheld. Lexie Steel is all business. What's the scene? That we're the last two people on earth and you're suckin my dick. Camera down! Rickey punches Stu in the face. When Stu screams that he's Stu Fuckin' Feldman and he owns this fuckin' town, Rickey kicks him in the face.

Rickey makes Stu give him $200,000 and if Ray gets it, Stu will let Bridget go to Belair.

Kate sees Mickey's name in the credits for Black Mass 2.

Ray punches Rickey in the face when he goes for Stu.

Mickey is on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

Marvin Gaye continues to pursue Bridget.

Ray asks Kate out for a drink to keep her from pursuing Mickey.

Stu has Rickey helping him with a film and Lexie has a role in it.

The parole officer takes Mickey to dinner with Claudette and is surprised to see who she is.

Ray is surprised to find Ed is keeping an eye on him.

Claudette had to sign a sworn statement that she was with Mickey the night Sean Walker died.

Ray Donovan
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