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An FBI agent figures out that Ray and Mickey were involved in Sully Sullivan's murder in the season 2 premiere. 

Ray is laying on the beach, shot. It's a terrible dream. He's suddenly in a plot before he awakens sweating. He climbs on top of Abby for sex. There is nothing loving about what he's doing. He's erasing pain.

Mickey rips open a door of a hut on a beach. Drinking tequila and smoking a cigarette, he tells the woman in his bed he's going for a swim. He's hallucinating. A dolphin calls his name and he follows it out to sea. He sees Linda. She's in a dark place and he put here there.

Conor and Bridget are arguing at the table. The news notes that Sully was killed two weeks ago. Ray takes the kids to school.

Bridget is driving to school while Conor raps in the back seat. Ray tells the kids he and Abby are going to therapy.

At therapy Abby says it's been a long year with everything about Mickey. She explains what she did about Mickey; bringing him to the family without consulting Ray. The therapist (DATA!) wants Ray to agree to no more violence in front of the kids. Ray gets a call in the middle of the session and leaves. The therapist thinks it went fairly well. Abby is being fucked by her husband two times a day. Until Ray can face his molestation, the therapist thinks their marriage is going to be in trouble.

Ray drives past a RIP Sean Walker sign when Frank calls. The bullet in Avi's chest matched Mickey's gun. He's freaking out about stories not being straight. Ray walks straight into FBI Director James Cochran's office.

Cochran wants to know what really happened. Ray says he doesn't want to know. Why was Mickey there? He doesn't want to know.

Ray goes to his brothers to try to find Mickey. Terry knows he's in Mexico, but he doesn't know where.

Cookie calls Frank. He's in trouble. Cookie's wife is holding an American Idol type show contestant at gunpoint. She shoots her and Ray takes her somewhere. The school calls Ray. Conor is in trouble. He drops the girl off on the street. If she wants to win tonight, she has to go. Ray shoots at her and leaves her there. She was mugged, OK? Lena is there to clean up.

Daryll lied to Ray. He meets up with Mickey in Mexico. There's a fight. He's El Negro.

Bunchy is at group. He's living on his own, like a grownup.

Avi is at home with his mom, healing nicely, still doing work for Ray.

Bunchy meets a guy named Stan at the meeting. He tells Bunchy he really connected with him and wants to grab a bite to eat. The guy skeeves me out.

By the time Ray gets to the school, the sun is setting. He has to change his shirt, because it's covered in blood.

Bunchy is going to a job interview to be a bicycle mechanic. He hasn't had a job since he delivered the Boston Globe.

Ray suggests perhaps the other kid started the fight -- Abby tells Ray the kid has a broken collar bone thanks to Conor as she rubs the blood off his neck. Ray wants to fix what Conor did with an apology.

Mickey and Daryll get ready for the fight. The opponent looks like a product of a nuclear disaster. Daryll is bloodied and knocked out. Mickey cleans up because he bet against his own kid.

Cochran calls in Ezra. He claims both Ray and Mickey are clients. Cochran gives Ray 24 hours to find Mickey. Considering what Mick did to Daryll, I think he finally has a chance.

Bridget's friend gets pulled over for not using her turn signal and the cop wants to look into Bridget's bag. The cop says she had an ounce of marijuana in her bag, but they're letting her go. They're messing with Ray because of Mickey.

Terry is watching Frances outside her window. Ray finds him. Terry doesn't want to help Ray find Mickey until he learns Ray's in trouble without Mickey.

In Mexico, Mickey is having a grand time, electrocuting himself with a weird party gizmo while Daryll sits stewing in his anger. Daryll doesn't want to end up like Terry.

Daryll calls Ray, who is on his way to Mexico. He gives up Mickey. Ray calls Abby who thought he and Conor were going to apologize to the kid.

Lena is watching TV with Avi and his mother. The chick who was shot is rolled out onto a stage and rises, singing the love song from Titanic, My Heart Will Go On. Abby is watching alone at home.

Mickey is dancing with a chick and she tell shim she's not a sailor, she's a captain. This deeply moves him since it's what the dolphin was saying in his hallucination.

Ray pulls up to the club and of course Mickey is still inside. Always impeccably dressed, Ray dons his jacket before entering. Mickey is happy to see Ray.

Since Mickey says he's the captain, Ray plays "Come a Little Bit Closer" on the jukebox and calls Cochran to tell him he's got Mickey. Ray then proceeds to undress.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: I brought Sully out here to kill my father. Paid him $2 million to do it.
Frank: Jesus fuckin' Christ Ray.
Ray: Will you shut the fuck up?
Cochran: Well, ha, that didn't turn out so well now, did it? Either of you two guys want to tell me who in the fuck shot Sully?
Ray: My father.

Ray: I'm Ray Donovan.
Cochran: Oh I know who you are. You're a bag man for movie stars. You're also an extortionist, wire-tapper; well, basically you're an all around piece of shit.