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A guard gives Terry a box in prison from his brother. 

Mickey attempts to take over Gary's business by insulting what he considers streetwalkers.

Ray gets to Fite Club where Bunch is having a survivor's meeting...with the priest. He gets a call from Bridget about Abby. She's scared for her. He meets the dog. 

Paige calls Ray.

Avi is trying to get Lena to work with him.

Terry gets into a fight in the prison yard. 

The priest wants to get back into boxing, he tells Bunchy. He's not going anywhere.

Lena asks Ray what she if to him. He probably doesn't answer in the best possible way. She reveals Avi asked him to work with him. 

Terry's prison doctor tells him Parkinson's tends to progress faster in prison. 

Abby gets Conor's school report card. It can't be good news, as she says, "God damn it, Conor," and goes to pound on his door. She finds him watching porn and screwing his mattress.

Paige called Ray to help fix something something with a San Diego football team. She was impressed with what he did with her brother. She authorizes him to go up to $500k. She's footing the bill. It's a real fixer situation, which he hasn't had in a while.

Mickey gives two thugs Daryll's car title (worth $70k) for a $10k loan.

Abby relays Conor's encounter with his bed to Ray, and they have a good laugh with one another.

Bunchy finally gets up the guts to talk to the Mexicans. They ask him to work with them. It gives him the guts to finally talk with the chick, and he decides to figure out some sort of arrangement.

Ray talks with the Navy Seal connected to the quarterback. 

As soon as Bunchy decides to make a deal with the Mexicans, the chick tells him to clean the locker room or she'll fuck with him.

Mickey wants to buy $5k worth of cocaine so they can cut it and sell it for $15. He's an idiot.

Ray tells the Seal he forgave Abby for her indiscretion.

Mickey shares with Daryll that he's not selling the coke, the whores are selling the coke. Audrey comes stomping out of the audition, upset that she doesn't get a second chance. Failure is a fact of life, he says.

Paige grabs Ray and sends the Seal up to meet with team reps. Except there are none. His wife is screwing the quarterback. The Seal breaks his arm, bad, bone sticking straight through. The authorities are already on the way.

Teresa orders Bunchy to clean the locker room properly. Her manager suggests he hosts their shows and Fite Club gets a percentage at the door.

Terry is fighting in the yard. Someone doesn't like his mad skills and knifes him. Bunchy holds his own, but at what price? 

Ray learns from Andrew Finney that Paige represents the backup quarterback. Finney is proud of Paige, hedging her bets. He wants someone to keep an eye on his kids while he prepares to retire. He had a contract drawn up to buy Ray, his services, his company, lock, stock and barrel. Ray says he's not for sale. Finney assumes they're still negotiating.

Ray tells Lena to take the job with Avi.

Ray and Daryll come to a deal.

Bunchy pleasures himself watching Teresa. Finally.

Terry is on his way to solitary, while Mickey and Daryll eat a great Italian dinner.

When Ray calls to say he won't make it to dinner, Abby takes his plate and makes it up for her new man, the dog.

Ray delivers the check to Carl. He doesn't like that he thought he lied. He takes quite the beating for delivering it, but his smile proves that's exactly what he wants.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Lena: Avi asked me to come work with him.
Ray: What's he offerin'?
Lena: Sparking water. And the chance to be his partner.

Bridget: Dad, I want you to come to dinner tonight. It's important to me.
Ray: Why? What's going on?
Abby: Does she need a reason?