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Ezra is in the hospital with a priest leaning over him, asking who made the call from his office about the body of the priest found in the building. He freaks out and screams for Ray, who hasn't been there in months.

Ray is on his way to an adult book store, where he beats the crap out of people to get a key to the back. In the black-lit back rooms, Ray finds a guy with his cock zip-tied in a glory hole. Ray can't help but laugh as an Asian woman holds the guy for ransom. The guy is Flip Brightman, who, apparently, is nobody.

After the visit with the priest (who was not a chaplain on duty at the hospital), Ezra is dead.

Flip is telling Ray he's an addict. Deb, Ezra's girlfriend, calls Ray and he ignores her call like he did Ezra's. He answers Abby's and learned Ezra is dead. He can't believe it. Abby wants him to come home, but it's not a good idea. She wants to go to him, but he tells her to go back to sleep. He continues to drink and thinks back to flying into LA with Ezra when he was a young man.

Ray takes a woman back to his apartment and cries as he pounds her against the wall. 

Mickey is floating in a pool at an apartment building while a little girl sings The Good Ship Lollipop. A man is bringing to him a beautiful grill. The Kalamazoo. Mickey wants it for 1/3 retail. He remarks to the little girl he probably should have gone lower. Meanwhile a dude named Gary is manhandling the little girl's (Audrey) mother, Ginger. Mickey is going to watch her for the day.

Bunchy is at the gym fixing his hair and getting prettied up. He's running Fite Club. On the door of the office is "Brendan Donovan, Manager."

Ray sees Bridget at the chapel for Ezra, who gives her condolences to Ray and asks him to come home. Avi reaches out and Ray tells him to fuck off. Deb doesn't want Ray at the service. He doesn't put up a fight and leaves. Abby tries to reach out to Ray, too, but he just walks away.

Mickey is giving Audrey acting lessons for a commercial. "My smile is pearly white and minty fresh."

Avi and Lena are in Ray's office. Avi wants to connect. Kate had everything on Ray, and he would have gone to prison. Ray wants him gone. Ray looks at Kate's notes.

Bridget is blaming her parent's split on Abby, as if Abby's affair was the only misdeed in their marriage.

Ray is greeted by someone who has a card for Albert Finney. It's got his name on it and nothing else. Finney wants to meet him. It's a short drive.

Mickey and Daryll take Audrey to see Terry in prison. Terry isn't accepting prisoners. He never does, but Mickey keeps going.

Abby visits Bunch at the club and has a drink. He's on match.com. She thinks it's brave, even though he never gets ny responses. She wonders if it's the only photo he has. He looks like a thug. She tells him he can't say he likes to watch TV and take naps, but he says it's true. She gives him advice because women, "eat that shit up."

Before he meets with Finney, Ray has to sign a waver or something. His lackey says that if Ray watches the news, then he knows why he's here. A former client of Ezra's gave Finney his name. Finney's son was abducted. The kidnappers contacted the media, and then contacted Finney asking for $5 million in ransom. Finney thinks that's strange.

Finney wonders exactly what it is Ray does, and when Ray says he changes the story, Finney says he has an entire publicity department for that. Yet he also decides Ray should meet the family. They're under a bit of duress.

Finney's daughter, Paige, thinks her brother has set up his own kidnapping. Finney just wants it to go away. He gives Ray a briefcase of money. No bloodshed and no media.

Bunch reveals to Abby the Mexicans haven't paid their dues for two months. Abby heads right on out to have a chat with them. She returns with a credit card. Bunch needs to harden up a bit.

Mickey returns from shopping and Daryll has a W2G from gambling winnings. They owe the IRS, and he's panicking. Meanwhile, the barbeque grill is rolling in. It was supposed to be a community decision, but Mickey doesn't care. Mickey takes the time to tell Gary to take his business off site because it's a family place. Gary doesn't like it.

Ray is at the cemetery, throwing dirt on Ezra, remembering how he told him he was special. The priest from the hospital is watching him.

At school, Abby is drunk when she picks up Bridget. Abby almost hits a dog and takes off running after it on the freeway. 

Ginger is at Mickey's. Gary is kicking her out because he's screwing someone new. Mickey wonders about Audrey's acting. Ginger doesn't think Audrey will ever act. She then proceeds to hit on Mickey. 

Father Romero picks up a file box. He's the priest that has been following Ray.

Ray heads off the to warehouse from the promotional photos with the briefcase full of money. He tells the kidnappers he doesn't have the money. Not until he sees the kid, anyway. There are two men and a third one, dead on the ground beside Casey, the kid. Ray, meanwhile, has called Uber and acted as if there is a driver coming with the money. He wonders if Casey set up.

Bunch runs the credit card, and it's declined. A girl winks at him on Match. The Mexican girl flips him off, and Bunch looks conflicted on whether he should wink back or get money from them.

Mickey is grilling and slapping Gary. He gets Xanax from Ginger and proceeds to crush it up. 

Bridget and Conor are talking about Ray and Abby. Conor thinks Ray is a thug, but in a cool way. Abby walks in with a dog. HER dog. 

Ray's taking Casey home and coaching him in the story he'll tell the cops.

At the apartment, Gary says things are getting spinny. Mickey wonders why he treats the ladies like he does. Gary says since their job is to swallow cock and they're inherently lazy, someone has to keep them motivated. Mickey pushes Gary into the pool. Gary tries to get out, and Mickey pushes his hand away and that's the end of it.

Finney isn't at all unimpressed with Ray's work, despite Ray's apology to the contrary. Finney's father was a criminal so Finney didn't have to be. 

The Eagles Hotel California begins to play as Ray watches Finney and Casey and walks off. Father Romero is looking through the box of evidence. Abby lays in bed with her new dog, Mickey's apartment manager finds the body and Ray stares across Finney's pool at Los Angeles.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Avi: Ray, we have to make things right.
Ray: Go fuck yourself.

Abby: Ezra's dead.
Ray: What?
Abby: He's gone, Ray.
Ray: The fuck you talkin' about?