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Paige and Ray are talking about her father. She's at his apartment. She ultimately blames him for her father's downfall.

Bridget calls and asks someone to meet her at a motel by the Santa Monica pier while Abby looks for her at Donellens.

Teresa wakes up Bunchy wanting to "play" by dominating him sexually, complete with her performance mask. So much for her sweet side. She's rude and domineering, yelling at him to get his ass up, they're going out.

Ray arrives home to Terry telling him Bridget's involved with her math teacher. They two start arguing over Abby and the way Ray treats her. 

Bridget, waiting at the motel, texts Abby that she's at Mickey's. Ray, meanwhile, breaks into Donellen's while Abby and Terry talk about things with Ray. Terry wants her to fix things with Ray. Abby calls Ray and wants him to fix things Terry. 

A quick check in with the Minassians and Daryll seem pointless, but they'll likely tie in when she gets taken down by their thugs.

Mickey is with three hookers getting ready to do coke off of one of their asses. He's such a winner. 

Donellen goes to the motel but doesn't enter. He suggests they go for a walk. Did they ever do anything untoward?

Ray gets to Mickey's just in time to see the Minassians going to the apartment. One of the hookers gets hooked as wells Terry. Right in the gut. 

Terry has lost most of the blood in his body. While he's talking, Ray can barely hear him. The world starts to disappear and Ray throws up outside. 

Abby wonders if she is responsible for Terry's injuries because she got too close to him, but Ray looks at Mickey and assures her she's the last possible person responsible. 

Bridget is living in a teen novel in which everything is going to end in a wonderful way, fully not realizing the world in which she lives.

Mickey goes back to his apartment to grab a change of clothes. He has the audacity to want to grab a bite to eat, too. No doubt, his stash is hidden inside the ice cream. Nope. A gun. He's such a piece of shit.

Ray is strapping up with multiple weapons.

Teresa and Bunchy finally arrive at their destination. She tells him she's pregnant at the top of the hill overlooking Los Angeles. She expected a different reaction when she placed his hand on her boob. She's crass and ignorant and it's hard to blame him for being frightened out of his mind. 

Ray and Avi plan on taking down the Minassians by themselves. Two of them. Against the Minassians. Ray is already there. Shooting people. I do love the way Ray walks in shooting without taking cover. It's very manly. But he's shot. And soon tackled. Mrs. Minassian is left standing. While she's fuck youing the entire Donovan family, Mickey slashes her throat.

Donellen and Bridget drink out of a bottle, saying "already guilty." They have done nothing up to this point. She takes her shirt off, but he asks her to put it back on. Lena is right around the corner. He's going to be killed for doing absolutely nothing. Thankfully, he's not killed, but Bridget is tossed across the room by Ray after he arrives, and Donellen is beat pretty well.

Teresa wonders if Bunchy is having second thoughts about her. He's still worried about being different and fucked up. She's not so special herself, if they're going to be casting votes. They decide if their baby is a girl, they'll call her Maria.

Bridget tells Ray she's suffocating being near Ray and she doesn't want to live with that anymore. Ray realizes he should probably get his gunshot wound looked at. Or, he'll just patch himself up and move on. 

Terry is out of surgery. As Daryll is happy he never took the Donovan name, Ray admits to a sleeping Terry that he doesn't deserve his own family and rushes off to see Father Romero. 

Abby sings to Terry at his bedside. Mickey drives to Nevada. Bridget runs away, not even bothering to close the front door when she leaves the house. Who does that?

Terry crashes at the hospital as Father Romero enters the confessional, Ray right after him. Ray confesses, but he doesn't care about himself, only for his brother. Father Romero wants to know why he did it, not that he did. Always pushing the button. Father O'Connor told him he was special. To this day, every day and every night, Ray sees pictures of himself caring for that heinous man in his head. Father Romero says he should have never done that to him. Ray doesn't need his sympathy. He needs to know his brother is going to be alright, that he's not going to die. Ray is absolved of his sins, leaves the confessional and is driven to the hospital by Father Romero.

Terry wakes up, speaking Abby's name.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

You know, my father never would have killed Varick if you weren't around. He fell in love with the idea that there was always gonna be someone there to save him from himself!


There are more helicopters outside my house than when OJ took the white Bronco down the 405.