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Cochran is popping Jiffy Pop in Ray's apartment. He pulls the pan before the corn stops popping, and I want to punch him. Helps himself to Ray's computer, but Avi and Lena are watching him remotely. It's bad, they say, very bad.

Cochran gets the location of the body from Finney and tips the police. Ray tells Avi to get the poker out of the storage locker.

Finney is with the cops, asking questions. He's throwing Ray under the bus, saying he asked Ray to negotiate a financial settlement with Varick and instead he killed him. This is gonna get ugly. One cop knows Finney is at least culpable, the other calls Ray a knuckle dragging thug.

Ray finally learns of the fight at school. While talking with Bridget, the one cop arrives to talk with Ray. Jeff Barker. He's working the missing person case. Abby wonders why he's involved and points out "his girlfriend" didn't seem so concerned when she came by last night. 

Mickey is packing and preparing for a cookout. He wants to take Ginger and Audrey to Reno to expand their business, but Audrey just got a part in a short film.

Ray's not impressed with Mick's lolly gagging. He wants him out now. 

Daryll's girlfriend takes some money and leaves. Why is he even on the show any longer?

Bunch and Teresa are back from their honeymoon. 

Abby and Terry talk about Ray while doing dishes. He notes Ray is too caught up with his own bullshit to realize how beautiful she is, and Abby kisses him. He pushes her away, saying it didn't happen. She's not cut up about it, but he is.

Avi is digging up the body, which seems a bit worrisome, considering the police are onto it already.

Ray visits with Jeff the policeman, answering questions. Just after he points to the location of the body in the mountains of Santa Clarita, Lee walks in. Ray tells someone to tell Finney to walk it back, he has one chance to fix it. 

Finney, meanwhile, is asking Paige to go to the police and back up his story. 

Lena calls Ray. She's at the storage unit. The poker is gone. Cochran. Unfortunately, it really was just sitting there in that shitty little location waiting to be stolen. I smack my forehead in disbelief.

Conor finds the whore he slept with at the party and asks her to the movies. She tells him it will be $200. Mickey informs her that's his grandson.

Ray is at Cochran's apartment. He has bondage magazines. Ray want's the poker. Cochran tells Ray to shoot him. So he does.

Mickey informs Daryll they're going to prison. Daryll says I think not. He wants a normal life. 

Ray and Avi tie up Cochran and get the information on the poker. Ray gets to his apartment just before the cops. Ray drops the poker out the apartment window to a waiting Avi on his motorcycle who spirits it away. Jeff the cop shows Ray the pick of "Varick" going to Mexico. They find nothing and leave.

Terry tries to get Bridget to stay home. He calls Abby once she leaves the house.

Conor wonders if he still has a chance with the prostitute. 

Mickey decides to use the conservatorship letter with Ray as a way to milk the situation. He tells the family he has alzheimers and that Ray will probably lock him up. He's scared of Ray. Good God.

Paige Finney is on her way in to talk with Thomas Gibbs to corroborate Finney's story. 

Bridget visits Donellen. She can't believe what he told her mom. He says it's in her head. He can't be with her. She has to go. He says so many things wrong. Abby appears and takes Bridget away. 

The family calls Ray. Bunch and Teresa decide Mickey will live with them. Ray is pissed. 

Terry wants to know what's wrong with Bridget. She's insolent and rude. 

Ray intercepts Paige outside the building before she talks with the cops. He tells her he has everything; the body, the weapon and Cochran. Cut to Paige. She was there, she saw them both covered in blood. Why? They were lovers. The cops try to get Paige to change her story. She promises them an exact location of the body.

Ray and Avi are moving the body, Cochan is tied up next to him.

The body is dumped and set on fire. 

Paige tells her father she'll take are of the business. He doesn't know about the statement. She kisses him goodbye. He thinks she's just being sentimental.

There is an explosion behind Finney.

Ray doesn't kill Cochran, but delivers him a fate worse than death -- Dybek.

Ray throws the Los Angeles Waves hat out onto the street.

Ray goes to visit Mickey. Mick tries to attack Ray, but Ray strikes first. Mickey says he makes them feel good while Ray makes them feel small and shitty. Ray should just tell them the only way to keep Mickey from testifying was to make him look incompetent. Not a stretch.

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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Ray's just like my old man was with my mom. Too caught up with his own bullshit to realize how beautiful she was.


Terry: It's like Fatal Attraction. I bet she wasn't wearin' any panties.
Abby: [laughs] That was Basic Instinct.