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Ray struggled to come to terms with the fact he could be putting Belikov back on the streets. He went to meet Sonia to let her know that was him finished. 

Sonia shocked him and told him that he still had work to do and he could pay it back in sweat. Ray was understandably annoyed, but he had to follow her lead. 

Sonia confirmed to Ray that she had cancer and was dying. This shocked Ray, who was obviously thinking about Abby's condition and what would happen. 

He met back up with Stu, who was whoring his wife out in his new porn business. Ray fired back at him for using his wife like that, but Stu didn't care.

Bunchy opened up to Abby about thinking she was unwell. He and Abby had a heart-to-heart, but she struggled to tell him the truth. 

Connor continued to play with the gun and it almost resulted in him shooting someone. The man knew who he was and shouted after him. 

It got too much for Ray, who got annoyed when he realized that Belikov killed the girl and was planning to ship her body to to Moscow to be disposed of. 


Ray Donovan
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