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Ray realizes he needs to go to extreme measures in order to save his father when a hitman goes after him in prison. 

He goes to see Ed, who makes it clear it's going to be tough, but they should be able to pull it off. 

He tasks Ray with forcing his dad to lie that he's gay, in order to be moved to another part of the prison, away from the hitman. 

Initially, Mickey is very against this, but realizes that the person is gunning for him. 

The warden, Mancini thinks Mickey is lying and asks him several questions about his personal life, but Mickey aces them all. 

Mancini then contacts family members to ask them about his personal life, but Conor screws the whole thing up. 

Later, while his bunk mate is dying, Mickey makes it look like he is having sex with him and Mancini appears. 

When his bunk mate dies, the hitman is put in the cell and Mickey gets ready to defend himself, but Mickey is moved to another part of the prison.

Ray finds out details about an old scandal that Ezra was involved in and has to use it to his advantage, but Ed tries to take all the credit for it. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

He's got four fucking kids and like a thousand ex-girlfriends. Go back to jerking off, I'm fucking busy.


Daryll: Champ, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you - whatever you need.
Hector: You got it.
Daryll: Oh, yeah, whatever you need from me. I got you.