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Ray goes forward with his plan to get Avi back from Dimitri, but Dimitri has other plans and sends Ray on a mission to bring him a movie star. 

Ray steals dimitri's art and holds it ransom. 

Ray then takes the movie start to a party to meet Dimitri, who attacks him for ridiculing Russians. He leaves and Dimitri sends Ray to meet Avi, but it's Jacob instead and Dimitri kills him. 

Hector's wife appears at the gym and informs him that she's leaving for Canada with their daughter. Hector goes to Marisol and she tries to sleep with him, but he drowns her in the bathtub. 

Hector then lies to Terry that she killed herself, but Ray knows otherwise and leaves Hector to pick up the pieces. 

He later returns and disposes of Marisol's body for Hector. 

Teresa and Bunchy make a plan to flee town whenever the deal with the Russians is over to have a new life together, but they keep it quiet from the family. 

Terry continues his pursuit of Doherty, but he fears he is being too forward with her. She later agrees to go with him to fight night and claims she has some nice clothes for it. 


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You tell your boss he lays a finger on Avi, I'll burn his fucking art.


I don't think anything, I just think you're fucking beautiful.