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Ray rushed into the apartment to find Natalie dead, and he was taken to the police station for some questioning. Sam told him not to mention Landry, but Ray defied her order and Landry was hauled in for questioning. 

Ray went on a mission to get Bunchy's money and they found a horrific scene with murdered pets. Things took an ugly turn when Ray was attacked and Terry saved his life. 

Ray then went to the gym to relax and Sam showed up to tell him he would need to murder Doug if he wanted to continue on. This was music to Ray's ears. 

Bridget went to one of Bergstein's summits to ask for her to help Smitty. She later went to her hotel room with a gun to force her to save Smitty. 

She got arrested. 

Jay White wore a wire to get Daryll to confess he and Mickey turned the accident with the sensei into a murder and it caused a lot of drama for Mickey, who could be arrested now. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Terry: Jesus, what a mess. Come on, let's take you home.
Bunchy: I'm not going home.
Terry: What?
Bunchy: I'm going to get my money.
Terry: Bunch!
Bunchy: I'm going to get my fucking money!

Ray: You just had a bullet taken out of your shoulder, Bunch.
Bunchy: So fucking what? I'll be alright.