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Sam called Ray in when she was being blackmailed with a secret from her past. Ray tried to mediate and found that the blackmailer was requesting $2 million and her husband's Oscar. 

After reluctantly agreeing, Ray is given the files, but Vicky swoops in and causes some drama by stealing them. But then she was involved in a car crash and died. 

Ray tried to find Natalie when she went off the grid, and when he found her, he found out that she wanted to disappear for a while in order to gather her thoughts. 

He lets her stay with him temporarily and make it look like she fled the country. 

Smitty turned to Bridget for more information about what happened with her mother and father, and she did not want to help Ray in his time of need. 

Mickey tried to kill Avi, but he found out that he could save Bunchy from financial ruin and get rid of Frank. 

But then Frank had Bunchy arrested for the Donovan family sins. 

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Here's to you and me and the beautiful mess we made.


Ray: He wants two million dollars and your husband's Oscar.
Sam: I hope you're joking!
Ray: That's what he said.
Sam: I'll pay him the money, but no Oscar.
Ray: That could be a problem.