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The latest lost soul Sam must capture is is a boxer, "Red" Sabatini (Erik Palladino).  The Devil gives Sam a pair of boxing gloves as his vessel and he attempts to box Red and loses terribly.  After going out for drinks with Sock and Red, Sam learns that the boxer simply wanted one last chance to prove he was a good boxer after he was disgraced for throwing a fight.  Red agrees to go quietly back to hell if he can just win a title.  Sam goes to try and make a deal with the Devil to give Red another year on Earth and, of course, he's told no.  Sam goes to fight the boxer one more time and Red ends up throwing to the fight to him.  The boxer, turns out to be a pretty good guy and feels he got back his honor.  The Devil, of course, is very pissed when Sam tells him the boxer threw the fight on purpose.

The Devil, meanwhile, spends the episode tormenting people that are in AA by giving them horrible advice and even giving a guy that passes his test a bottle of booze as he reward.  He also torments sexaholics with a blow up doll.  Very funnys tuff.

Andi, meanwhile, is given Ted's old job and is promoted to manager.  She's looking for an employee Less Nessman after he wins a contest.  Andi eventually figures out that Less is actually an identity used by Sock so that he can double clock and make twice as much money.  Andi plans on firing Less, so Sock claims that Andi sexually harassed Less.  Andi then one-ups him by saying that Less died.  Well played.

Ben, meanwhile, is now dating the demon from last week, Nina (Jenny Wade).  He decides to introduce her to the gang and they all go out for food and drinks.  Nina ends up stabbing a burger right in front of Sam and later almost runs Sam over.  Ben is convinced that Nina is trying to kill Sam still and ends up breaking up with her.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Sam: You are a terrible person, seriously.
Devil: That's my job, man. You know, tempting the weak. Culling the herd. you know the drill

Ben: So I went to the mall alone...
Sock: Sure.
Ben: buy a couple of pairs of pants.
Sock: I'm sorry. You bought a couple of pairs of pants? Since when do you need more than one pair of pants? What are you, Jude Law?