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Roy's ex-wife Shelby asks him to take her fiance Nolan's real estate case but it quickly turns into a possible murder trial. Then Roy finds out that Dec and Nolan used him to push through their real estate deal. 

Shelby explains to Roy that their marriage didn't end because of the money but because she wasn't what he really wanted. She wanted someone who would fight for her and Roy just let her go. 

Jamie is furious when the judge dismisses Lee Anne's case. Then she finds out that the lab tech falsified Lee Anne's drug test and that the judge owes the police department for covering up his former drug use. She blackmails the judge to get the case reinstated and has the judge recuse himself from the case.

Roy and Jamie get closer. Roy kisses her but then finds out that the lawsuit has been reinstated and they are still on opposing sides in court. Jamie hits the brakes on the kiss because a relationship would be unethical.

Arliss threatens to kill Terry but Terry ends up rushing him to the hospital when he has trouble breathing. Terry tells Lee Anne that he wants her to choose him because he's the guy she wants, not because she has no other choice.

The DNA results come back on the firebombing. Terry's father is arrested for the crime. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Terry: What are you going to do hot shot, kill me?
Arliss: Yes, yes I am.

Jamie: What's keeping me here?
Vi: The charm. The history. Not to mention my glorious ole' self.