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Amber Wheelan sues the radio station after her husband commits suicide when he's outed for cheating on her on the air. Jamie represents her and goes up against Dec in court. Jamie is about to prove that the show's host, Bentley targeted Mason specifically as he stole his college girlfriend. Jamie wins $4.8 million for her client..

Terry lets Preston live and shoots himself in the arm. He later tells Knox he got a tip about the guns and went to investigate and then saved Preston's life. Later Terry convinces Preston to keep his mouth shut since he saved his life. Knox is furious when even his boss won't press on with the investigation. Terry and Preston are declared heroes. 

Jamie confronts Lee Anne about having sex with Terry in her office. She says it was the last time. When Roy claims he'll have Terry testify against Lee Anne, Jamie drops the sexual harassment portion of the suit. 

Know tells Jamie that Preston was working undercover. Jamie tells Roy she needs to be there for Preston. Roy understands.

Someone leaks the sex tape to the media. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Trading barbs already and the trial's barely begun. That's the spirit.


On the sly is my specialty.