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Dean Lamoureux is found dead in a marsh. It looks like he fell off his boat after it hit a buoy and drowned. Jamie is suing the city to have the buoy repaired, until it turns out to be murder.

Terry figures out that Wayne drowned Dean in the toilet on his boat, then threw him overboard and crashed the boat. Wayne says Dean's wife Constance got him to do it but he has no proof. Constance flies off to Paris.

Jamie and Roy put their personal feelings aside due to their work conflict, until they dance together at the Mayor's Ball. Roy says no one has to know if they're together but Jamie pulls away.

Councilwoman Joyce Reid makes friends with Lee Anne to help her political campaign. She even offers her and Arliss her carriage house to live and invites them to the Mayor's Ball.

Arliss gets drunk at the ball and Lee Anne leaves, upset. Terry, who is working security follows her and the two have sex in Jamie's office. Terry swears no one has to know. 

Dec's wife Barbara confronts his mistress LIndsey, saying she's going to make Dec end their affair. Lindsey tells Dec she's pregnant with his child. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ms. Sawyer, the law waits for no one. If you can't catch up to it with those heels on perhaps you should wear flats.


Just a hot night and too many beers.