Bloody Maurice - Reginald the Vampire
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Maurice, in 1972, is eating some food while Angela relaxes.

They have some intimate time together, discussing the advantages of being immortal and how they want to change the world.

Present day, Mike sneaks up on Reginald at work and tries to convince Reginald to leave town and run away.

He decides that he is going to stay.

Maurice, in 1972, is shot by a cop. Angela tells him to change, and they plan to leave and disappear from their neighborhood.

Angela is furious that he killed a man (a cop) in their neighborhood. She understands that he lost control and that it's part of his vampiric changes.

Angela wants to bring him to Pairs so they can lay low for about a decade.

Maurice wants to visit his mom one more time before disappearing.

Angela argues that he gave up his family when he agreed to be turned, but he owes her goodbye.

In the present day, Maurice visits his mom's old house. He has memory flashes to his last visit with Angela.

Back to the past, Angela joins Maurice and his mother for dinner, along with a neighbor kid that his mom feeds.

Angela can't help but make vampire allusions in front of her mom and some passive-aggressive comments towards her and Maurice.

Angela is pissed that he's taking his sweet time with the goodbye.

Maurice, present-day, gets approached by a new neighbor.

Back to the past, Maurice and his mom had a heated discussion about Angela.

Preset-day Angela alludes to Nikki again, a violent vampire.

Maurice won't leave with past Angela; he's still wanting to stay at his mom's house.

The new neighbor seems to be quite interested in present-day Maurice.

Angela gets visited by an old vampire friend, Eve.

Eve questions Angela about Maurice being back in her life when Angela reveals the existence of Reggie.

The new neighbor constantly creeps on Maurice, revealing that he has a secret religious-heavy room.

Mike agrees to train Reginald because Maurice abandoned Reggie.

Maurice and his mom have a long discussion about him staying in Portland with her.

Angela plans on leaving Maurice but leaves him with a woman in his bed so he can feed on her.

While he feeds, Angela ensures his mom witnesses what happens.

Angela and his mom fight, but Angela overpowers her.

In the present, Eve reveals that she is trying to take down Angela.

Maurice wakes up and sees his mom on the floor with blood.

His mom wakes up, and reveals that she feels more alive than ever, and reveals her fangs.

Angela turned her mom into a vampire. Angela thinks she did Maurice a favor.

Maurice promises to be by his mom's side every step of the way to help her get used to the effects.

His mom is freaked out, and promises him that it'll be okay, and she still holds her faith in the lord.

She wants him to join her in the sunlight, but he can't.

She steps into the sunlight and starts to burn up, and turns to ash.

The neighbor kid witnesses everything.

Maurice vows to kill Angela, one day, somehow, someway.

The new neighbor asks present-day Maurice for help moving a piece of furniture, and Maurice heads over to his house to help.

Maurice heads into the weird religion room, and the neighbor reveals that he's the boy from the past, and that he witnessed his mom burn.

He reveals that he has a LOT of vampire killing weapons and abilities.

He traps Maurice in a devil's trap to prevent him from escaping.

The devil's trap did not trap Maurice, and Maurice claims that it's something they made up in movies.

Maurice tries to glamor him, but he can resist it, based on the herb the man;s been drinking.

He ends up attacking the man, and Angela tries calling him.

Angela hangs up, but then gets a phone call from Nikki, where she explains to Nikki about her problem, Reginald.

Reginald the Vampire
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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Maurice: We will change the world.
Angela: And then, we'll live long enough to watch it change again.

Maurice: Look, you don't have to come with me, but I owe her a goodbye.
Angela: Of course, I'm coming with you. If I left you alone, who knows the trail of bodies you'd leave behind? And then that would be another mess I'd have to clean up!