Reginald And Sarah
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Reginald successfully resuced Maurice, and they are making their way out of Angela's house.

Reginald reveals that he glamored Angela's muscle, another vampire.

Regina catches them leaving, but lets them go.

Later, at Reginald's apartment, Angela's muscle arrives with the food Reginald Glamored him to make.

Sarah is questioning her memory, leading her coworker to question everything.

Maurice is worried about Reginald's special power, and tells him not to reveal it to anyone.

Reginald immediately tells his human ally, Claire, about his special ability.

Angela visits Maurice at his house. She has a proposition for him.

Angela arrives at Reginald's apartment to have him sign a vampire contract, with Maurice's approval as well.

There is an assessment that he has to pass.

Reginald releases Erik, Regina's muscle, and wants him to live a better life.

Reginald tries talking to Sarah and wants to go out on another date. she's getting some memory back but not enough to help her understand.

Maurice is helping train Reginald for the vampire assessment.

Maurice is seriously harping on keeping his super glamor ability a secret.

Reginald figures out if he fails and dies, Maurice will die too.

Angela plans on making sure that Reginald dies.

Reginald still feeds on Todd.

Sarah's coworker Ashley is still trying to help her figure out why she lost her memories, and the investigation leads to Reginald's address.

Sarah questions Reginald but believes him that he didn't do anything.

Reginald helps recharge her memory a bit, and then asks her out, which she agrees to.

Sarah and Reginald go on their date. It's super awkward.

The date gets crashed by Angela's lackeys and he glamors them.

Ashley discovers Todd's holes in his neck, aka Reggie's fang holes.

Ashley determined that it's vampires.

Reginald makes the lackeys (LeBron and Penelope) perform some very sexual, hilarious acts with food.

Mike, Maurice's partner, witnesses everything.

With this new information, Angela vows to kill Reginald before the assessment and free Mike from his debt to her for the information.

Ashley takes a water gun and sprays it on Reginald and Sarah. She reveals that it's holy water, which freaks Reginald out.

Ashley still thinks there's vampires, but her investigation is halted a bit by Reginald not burning with the holy water.

Maurice confronts Reginald about glamoring other vampires again.

Maurice physically assaults Reginald and warns him about loving a human.

Reginald the Vampire
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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Reginald: I told him what to do, and he did exactly what I said!
Maurice: Again, Impossible.

Sarah: I work at the slushie shack and read gothic fiction, I'm too average to be the study of a CIA experiment.
Ashley: True.