Reginald with Moira and Penelope - Reginald the Vampire
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A vampire watches as a man mistreats a woman, so he confronts the guy.

He attacks the guy after determining that the guy really is an asshole.

The scene shifts to a motivational speaker revealed to be Reginald in a VR world.

Reginald heads to work, where his boss is slightly abusive over his weight. It's a slushie place.

The vampire man heads into the slushie shack and orders a slushie.

Reginald goes on a break and has an out-loud monologue.

The vampire man appears and introduces himself as Maurice.

Maurice tries to motivate Reginald to ask Sarah out, but he doesn't listen.

Maurice then uses some sort of vampire powers on him to convince him to ask her out.

He asks her out and she agrees to go out with him! Her boss then tries to ask her out and she shuts him down.

Reginald stresses about the date and Maurice agrees to help him.

Maurice asks Reginald some questions about why he's never been on a date before.

As he tries to guide Reginald to have a good date, some other vampires appear in the bar.

Maurice heads outside to talk to them and Reginald goes with, but the female vampires want to go after Reginald.

They both bite Reginald in the neck, and Maurice panics and starts attacking the others. He stabs one with a piece of wood that immediately turns the victim into dust.

Maurice offers to save him (turn him) and Reginald agrees, so Maurice makes Reginald drink his blood.

Reginald starts questioning everything, and is worried about being a vampire.

Maurice reveals that Reginald is stuck in his body for life, and that being a large vampire is a thing that's never happened and he may not be welcomed.

The next day, Reginald deals with the ramifications of being a vampire, including not being able to go out into the sun.

He bundles up to avoid the sun and heads to work.

Work made him thirsty for all of his coworkers, but he avoids sucking on their blood.

After work, Maurice warns him that he needs to feed, or else he'll become rabidly hungry.

Reginald breaks things off with Sarah to protect her.

Maurice reveals that he can feel everything Reginald feels.

In a flashback scene, we learn more about Maurice's background, past life, and how he became a vampire.

Reginald asks Maurice to help him get used to being a vampire and to be his friend, which Maurice begrudgingly agrees to.

The woman who turned Maurice appears to be the head of the vampires from earlier.

She wants to find Reginald.

Reginald is exploring the different powers that he now has as a vampire.

Sarah arrives at Reginald's door and professes her love to him, but all he can do is smell her blood.

He gasps and his fangs activate.

Reginald the Vampire
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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Maurice: I can fix this, Reggie, but I can't do it without your sayso. The decision has to be yours.
Reginald: Decide?
Maurice: That's right. Decide to die now, a few moments early.
Reginald: Why would I do that?
Maurice: So I can save you.

Reginald: I had the weirdest dream last night.
Maurice: Oh you're not dreaming.
Reginald. Right... right I know what's happening here! I'm still dreaming.