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-Mary is informed by one of Queen Catherine's ladies-in-waiting that her own mother, Marie de Guise, made a deal behind her back when negotiating her marriage contract.

-As part of the deal, the contract has a secret clause that says France may claim Scotland as their if Mary dies without delivering an heir.

-Mary fears that this clause will lead to her murder.

-Mary and Francis hatch a plan to get Queen Catherine to invalidate the contract.

-Mary summons Scottish soldiers to help put her plan into motion.

-Queen Catherine has them all killed--including one whom she has just made love to.

-Mary has one more card up here sleeve--she threatens to tell all of France about King Henry's increasing madness.

-Mary and Queen Catherine both know that this would lead the destruction of the French royal court, as noblemen from all over France would attempt to claim the throne, causing a civil war.

-Queen Catherine burns the contract.

-Mary tells Francis that her greatest allegiance will always be to Scotland--not him.

-Bash and Kenna make the best of married life together.

-Lola's marriage to a nobleman proceeds, even after he finds out about her pregnancy.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

My first duty is not to my mother. I am the queen of Scotland, not the queen of Marie de Guise.


Penelope: Don't you think a royal crown suits me?
Queen Catherine: Of course, your majesty. Makes your head look smaller. Almost back to normal size.