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-Bash, hunting the Darkness in the Blood Wood, finds a boy covered in blood in the Bloodwoods instead.

-The boy is afraid of everyone at court except for Kenna.

-He reveals to Kenna that his name is Pascal.

-Lord Julian's uncle comes to visit, and so Lord Julian must admit a secret to Lola: he isn't Lord Julian.

-Rather, he is Lord Julian's manservant, Remy.

-Remy claims that Lord Julian accidentally died in a fire; Remy assumed Julian's identity afterwards.

-Remy tells Lord Julian's uncle that Lord Julian has abandoned his pregnant wife, Lola, and he's uncle believes it...until he sees Remy is wearing Lord Julian's ring.

-The uncle accuses Remy, and in the ensuing melee, Lola pushes the uncle backwards against a wall...where he is impaled on a hook and killed.

-Lola suggests that they start a fire, and pretend that the uncle's charred body is Remy's, giving him a chance to escape, and Lola a chance to recover her good name.

-Mary and Queen Catherine want to poison King Henry, who is making poor military decisions that will doom the country.

-Francis insists he be given one last chance, and goes out on a hunting trip with him.

-The two men bond on the trip, and Francis comes to believe that Henry is still redeemable.

-He tells Catherine and Mary to call off their plot, which they do; but someone still makes an attempt on Henry's life as he takes mass.

-Catherine believes the attempt was made by the Duke of Guise.

-Bash tells Kenna they can move away from court.

-Kenna, in turn, tells Pascal that he can come with her to her new home.

-However, right before they are to leave, Bash tells Kenna of his intentions to stay and hunt the Darkness, meeting up with Kenna once he is finished.

-In a flashback on Kenna and Pascal's trip away from French court, it is revealed that Pascal's father was murdered by Bash in the Blood Wood.

-Henry, still quite mad, decides he must kill Francis and marry Mary to gain control of England.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Duke of Guise: When you disarm, your opponent shoots you.
Mary: We're not at war.
Duke of Guise: Royals are always at war.

An interesting choice. Assuming you let her know she has one.


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