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-King Henry, still mad as ever, holds everyone in court hostage as he interrogates them late at night.

-He murders one of his subjects during this interrogation.

-He then puts on an exhibition of battle ships that have returned from the war, but makes the exhibitors use real cannonballs.

-He gropes Mary as the exhibition takes a dangerous turn and the cannonballs begin making contact with the ships.

-This leads to an explosion on one of the ships, and many deaths.

-Once Mary, Francis, and Catherine realize that Henry intends to marry Mary and kill Francis, they decide they must kill him for the good of France.

-When Henry demands to participate in the jousting match, Francis secretly replaces the other jouster, and then mortally wounds Henry.

-On his death bed, Henry confesses that he killed his older brother when they were children.

-Henry dies, leaving Francis the king of France.

-Leith returns to court and shows Greer his title, but she refuses to leave Lord Castleroy.

-Leith vows to make her sorry for not accepting her feelings and running away with him.

-Leith makes a move on a young woman in court...who turns out to be Lord Castleroy's daughter.

-The Darkness attacks the house where Kenna and Pascal are staying.

-Bash and Nostradamus visit the site of one of the Darkness's murders, where markings on the wall prophesied that the Black Plague will return if sacrifices are not made.

-Bash and Nostradamus rescue Kenna and Pascal in the nick of time.

-The Darkness tells the men he must kill Pascal as a sacrifice to keep the plague away.

-Bash and Nostradamus kill him.

-Once they return home, Bash spots a meteor shower -- the final sign prophesied by the Darkness.

-Lola goes into labor alone, in town.

-She sends word to the castle about her condition, and Mary sends Francis to be with her--after she reveals that Lola's baby is his.

-But moments after she sends him, she finds out that the castle is going into lockdown -- plague has been turning up in the towns.

-Mary urges Francis to not go to Lola, but he refuses.

-Mary has soldiers close the gate after Francis, locking him out of the castle.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Queen Catherine: Such glory you promise, and so cunning you've become...how you've changed since you came back to us from convent. I miss the girl you were.
Mary: Many will. She was easier to kill.

When he had his hands on you, he had his hands on England.

Queen Catherine