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Francis rides out to find Lola and spots those with the plague along the way. God awful.

Mary and Catherine talk to the people about the Plague, but more importantly, Greer spots Leith with Lord Castleroy's daughter and freaks out.

Leith assures the girl he wouldn't be with Greer if he could have the chance again. Yvette takes the end of the world business to the nth degree.

Kenna finds Bash and he gives her the true scoop as well as possible. He things it will take weeks for the Plague to move beyond them, and he has gathered food. He is going to step in for his brother and help with the King's guard.

A Lord of some sort is carousing with a whore. She finds a lump on the back of her neck and he prances out into the hallway, sweaty napkin in hand and proceeds to drink from another man's cup.

Francis arrives at Lola's side. The baby is a boy and they are both alright.

Nostradamus arrives with word that it was a stable boy that came down with the Plague. He offers himself to go as he has survived the Plague before. Catherine taunts Mary, wondering the real reason Francis has ridden off to Lola. Mary begs her silence and to put it away, not today of all days.

Kenna finds Pascal with the sick Lord who has taken him to be his servant in his wife's absence. Apparently his whore wasn't good enough for the job. Kenna reaches them and he preaches to Kenna about being a whore herself.

As luck would have it, Lola is housed with a kid who has already gotten the plague. Francis and Lola leave immediately after the house girl tells them they would be smart to lie about who they are.

Back at the castle, there already 14 dead so far in the first day of contagion. Lord Edward has decided that it's a good time for picking and choosing. He is demanding that his foe be put in with the general public. Valon (?) has been bedding his wife and he holds his family's food, on which the castle depends.

Catherine and Mary argue over the request. Catherine tries to get Mary to understand that all lives are not equal, because although her title comes from birth, her power comes from nobles. Mary wants to punish Edward and take his grain. Catherine tells her taking from the noble is ludicrous. People will rebel and a great price would be paid.

Mary sends word to Lord Edward his request is denied.

Louis (Conde) and his friends find Francis on the road and promise to help them get on their way.

Villiages are building the homes of the infected, taking their grain resources with them. Mary will likely have to reconsider her decision.

Francis is a bit angry that Lola didn't tell him the truth. Lola wants to keep the child as hers and Julien's, but Francis uses his power -- as King of France, the child will be whoever he says he is.

Kenna finds Pascal. He is covered in the blood of Valon, who is dead. Kenna is locked in the room as quarantined.

Catherine makes the decision to deal with the Valon's whether Mary likes it or not and knows her son will return happy to know she put his and his children's future ahead of everything else so there would be stability in the land.

Narcisse comes riding through. It's quite a popular road they're all traveling. Narcisse has Estelle in a cage to isolate her until they know she's not infected.

Conde and Narcisse clash over the King and it's difficult to know which is worthy of trust.

Kenna talks to Pascal about his good soul and being loved by God as he passes away. Moments later, he hears a voice. It's a woman and she rushes out toward him, clearly infected. He kills her, but believes himself infected.

Mary checks in on Catherine, also under the weather. She tells Mary not to underestimate the love of her husband and not to let Lola come between them because without the support of your husband you're only a guest at your husband's castle.

Mary and Nostradamus have made Catherine sick to save lives. He couldn't save his own family, but he would save this one.

Conde suggests Francis puts Lola on his boat so they can both have free lives.

Edward Narcisse poisoned the entire family, including Castleroy's daughter.

As Bash wishes for the suffering to end, a little girl is in the hallway. He gave her back her Clementine earlier, but they've all fallen now. Somehow Bash knows that she is dead. She tells him there will be a reckoning and the spirits of the dead will not leave until they have it. He wakes and finds Kenna, who tells him about Pascal. Once Francis holds his son, he refuses to let Lola take his son.

Lord Edward is punished by the same fate he wished upon his foe, but it doesn't make up for the many healthy lives he took. Mary returns to her throne. She is alone.


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And here we are. Ha. The two of us.


I tried to stop him from going to her when I found out about the Plague, but he went anyway.